Customizing Video Uploads on Facebook is Much Easier with its Latest Update

Facebook video upload

Facebook has been actively focusing on videos in the past few weeks and is trying to compete with Google’s YouTube. Earlier, the company rolled out specific features to promote video content to users, including ‘Auto Play’ when users scroll through feeds and the ability to minimize videos into a thumbnail so they could continue browsing […]

Twitch Follows YouTube, Decides to Drop Adobe Flash and Adopt HTML 5

Twitch YouTube Adobe Flash Player HTML 5 b

The Google owned video streaming website YouTube was the first major player to drop Adobe Flash player and adopt HTML 5. Following Google’s footsteps, the Amazon owned live game streaming service Twitch has ditched Flash recently. A couple of years ago, Adobe Flash Player was the king when it came to delivering multimedia content on […]

YouTube has More Viewership than Cable Television, Google Claims

Youtube vs Cable TV

YouTube was acquired by Google in the year 2006 when cable television used to be the primary form of entertainment. Time has changed and a lot of people prefer watching content over the web than sitting in front of their television. Google in their latest statement claimed that YouTube has attained phenomenal popularity in terms […]