5 New Volvos Are Making Their Way into the Indian Automobile Market

Volvo XC90 R-Design

Volvo is all set to strengthen and expand its existing range of automobiles in the Indian sub-continent by adding in a few more variants apart from launching a new car as well. The Swedish carmakers are clearly on the offensive. After Volvo India launched the luxury sedan S90 which arrives at a delicious price, Volvo […]

Volvo S90 Excellence Promises Immersive Luxury, Launched in China

Volvo S90 Excellence

The Volvo S90 Excellence has officially been launched in China. The automobile manufacturer promised that people who opt for the car will be able to experience a whole new level of immersive luxury, made possible by premium components and a spacious build. There is no word on bringing this exquisite Volvo car to the rest […]

Volvo is Planning to Test 100 Autonomous Vehicles in UK

Volvo Autonomous Car Test

Volvo is seriously dedicated to making autonomous vehicles mainstream and as part of their campaign, they are planning to test 100 self-driving cars in London before 2018. The cars will be launched in different phases so that the adoption is done at a gradual pace. Volvo in a press meet said that the biggest challenge […]

Google, Volvo and Uber Join Hands to Establish Autonomous Car Technology

Autonomous Car

The world is pushing itself towards a future where fully autonomous cars are going to be mainstream. The recent partnership between Google, Volvo and Uber confirmed that there is no going back. The team also includes Ford and Lyft with the primary goal to establish a specific set of rules for autonomous cars so that […]

Volvo Reveals New Compact Modular Architecture Platform Details: Electric Vehicle to Come in 2019

Volvo XC90

Volvo revealed more details on its new Compact Modular Architecture (CMA) platform. The company also gave details of the range of upcoming cars to be manufactured under CMA and announced that its all-electric vehicle will be launched in 2019.   Volvo’s CMA platform was being developed along with its bigger and larger Scalable Product Architecture […]

Volvo is Planning an Electric SUV with 350 Miles Range to Beat Tesla Model X


Tesla has been enjoying grand success in the electric car segment and the icing on the cake is the fact that there are no other major players to compete with them.  It gives a competitive edge like never before for the company, but not for long, according to the latest updates. While it is obvious […]

Volvo May Launch an Electric Car, Plug-in Hybrid Variants Rolling out for Every Model


Volvo is all ready to enter the all-electric car segment. The company is planning to launch an electric car of their own, but it is expected to hit the stores in the year 2019. While the wait is quite obvious, the manufacturer plans to roll out plug-in hybrid versions for all their existing models. Buyers […]

Volvo Broadcasts Ambitious Plans to Unveil an All-Electric Vehicle in 2019 to Combat Tesla


Volvo announced ambitious plans to unveil an all-electric sedan in 2019 in a bid to combat Tesla. The new sedan from Volvo is expected to feature a 300-mile driving range and deliver great performance. The new sedan is part of a long-term strategy of Volvo to electrify its entire range of vehicles by 2020. All […]