2016 Volkswagen Passat Features New Sporty Design, Drive Assistance and Other Features

The brand Volkswagen exists today because of some of their most popular models that continue to sell so well, even though they were launched a long time ago. Among the top sellers, the Golf, Jetta and Passat are important models that keep the company above their competitors every year. Despite stiff competition from BMW, Audi and […]

Volkswagen Emission Scandal Gets Uglier: Audi Admits to Fitting ‘Cheat Switch’ in 2.1 Million Vehicles Globally

The Volkswagen emission scandal just got uglier as Audi admitted to fitting the ‘cheat switch’ in 2.1 million vehicles globally. This means that about a million European Audi drivers are affected by this scam. Subsequent to an inspection conducted by the US Environment Protection Agency, wherein 11 million cars were found to have the ‘cheat […]

Toyota Gets Upper Hand after Volkswagen’s Mistakes and the Fall of Diesel Cars

Volkswagen is in a critical situation at the moment after the Environmental Protection Agency accused the company of bypassing emission requirements by using a software program in their diesel cars. Ever since the allegation became public, the company has been facing a serious downfall in their share prices and they had broken the trust they […]

Volkswagen Emission Scandal: More Heads to Roll, Key Personnel in Audi and Porsche to Quit Too

The Volkswagen emission scandal is expected to take more victims as more heads are expected to roll, including key personnel in Audi and Porsche. The company’s supervisory board is set to meet soon and take critical decisions in a bid to ride over the present crisis smoothly. The Transportation and Environment organization, a European group, […]

All New 2016 Volkswagen Tiguan Revealed in the Frankfurt Motor Show: Built on VW MQB Platform

The all-new 2016 Volkswagen Tiguan was showcased at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The new SUV has been built on the company’s MQB platform, an architecture that is being adopted for all new models rolled out from the VW Group. The Tiguan 2016 model comes with eight engine options and completely redesigned interior and exterior. The […]

Volkswagen Suspends Sale of Golf, Passat, Jetta and Beetle Diesel Variants Amid Controversy

Volkswagen is caught in a new controversy, according to which the company has been manipulating the infotainment system software to bypass environmental restrictions. The petrol and diesel variants of vehicles from major manufacturers have been facing emission issues in the past few years, which is why everyone of them are moving towards hybrid and electric […]

Volkswagen Group Had an Impressive Line-up at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2015

The Frankfurt Motor Show was an exhilarating experience for everyone who had the chance to attend the expo. It was a show filled with cars back and forth, of all types, right from the economical to the highly luxurious, technical, hybrid among other classes. It was evident that the Frankfurt Show 2015 is strongly aimed […]

Audi Q1 Among Other Compact SUVs from Skoda, VW Incoming in 2016

A wide range of compact SUV models at different price points have been scheduled to get launched in the coming groups. The vehicles come from the Volkswagen family which includes Audi, Skoda, Seat and Volkswagen. Most consumers love the concept of owning a mid-sized SUV when compared to a small sedan or a large, conventional […]

Volkswagen and Suzuki Partnership is Officially Terminated, 19.9% Stakes to be Sold

In the year 2009, Volkswagen signed a partnership agreement with the Japanese manufacturer Suzuki. The company purchased 19.9% shares which will soon be sold, to comply with an international arbitrator’s order.   Manufacturers signing a contract to expand their horizons and step into new territories happen from time to time. But, the problem arises when […]

Car Market in Europe Jumped 9.1% in Sales in July with Volkswagen in the Lead

The car market in Europe jumped 9.1% in sales in the month of July with Volkswagen leading with its New Passat, Golf and Polo. This year-on-year increase represents the 23rd consecutive month in recovery of sales, offering the automotive companies some comfort with regard to reliable and stable growth in demand. The markets that bore […]

Volkswagen Planning to Unveil a New Tiguan at Frankfurt Auto Show

The Frankfurt Auto Show is becoming increasingly crowded every year because every manufacturer is getting ready with their launch so as to capture the attention of the attendees at this grand car expo. Volkswagen is one among the list of car manufacturers who are about to launch multiple cars at the expo. One of them […]

Frankfurt Auto Show 2015 – The Best and the Biggest Car Makers are Ready

The Frankfurt Auto Show 2015 which takes place between September 17th and 27th has already provoked interest among world’s top most car manufacturers. Every company is readying their flagship cars, SUVs, coupes and what not to showcase it on the show floor. The organizers have confirmed that they have over 1,000 stalls setup and at […]

New Apple and Android Technologies Ready to Embrace Volkswagen 2016 Models

Buyers who opt for luxury cars get to enjoy a lot of benefits including automatic crash alerts, smartphone synchronization and more. Such autonomous features are removed from budget vehicles because the car manufacturers are not interested in providing more than what the consumers pay for. However, times have changed and even the cheapest smartphone in […]