Volkswagen Plug-in Hybrid SUV Teaser Images are Exciting

Volkswagen has released three different images of their upcoming plug-in hybrid SUV and from the way they have presented it, it looks really exciting and worthy to look forward to. The vehicle is getting launched at the 2016 Beijing auto show. The concept version of the large SUV was showcased by VW at an event […]

Volkswagen is Bringing a Plugin Hybrid SUV to Beijing Show

Volkswagen is bringing a concept car to the 2016 Beijing auto show and it is a plug-in hybrid SUV. The brand has launched some teaser images to give people a glimpse of what to expect from their upcoming launch. There is very limited detail available with regards to the car but the teaser image gives […]

Volkswagen Three Row Crossover Spotted in Spy Photos

The spy photographs of the upcoming Volkswagen three row crossover had emerged. Surprisingly, the car was hardly camouflaged giving us a great glimpse of its design and exterior finish. Based on how open the car is, it is obvious that the company is close to completing its production schedule and launching it for the general […]

Volkswagen is Building a Range Topping, Cheap Electric Car

Volkswagen is busy building a brand new car, but it’s not the conventional gasoline model, but an electric vehicle which relies on a battery powered motor. And, it is rumored to be the cheapest offering that an EV lover could go for. After the diesel emission issue, Volkswagen is definitely in a position where they […]

Volkswagen Aims to Comeback with 20 Electric Vehicles by 2020

Volkswagen faced one of the largest diesel emission debacles in the century, but the company is highly confident about their comeback and looks forward to a favorable position in the auto industry before 2020. Speaking to the media, Volkswagen’s CEO Matthias Muller confirmed that the brand is set to undergo a fundamental realignment in order […]

Volkswagen has a Car Set for CES 2016 Reveal, Teaser Video Out Now

Every automobile manufacturer has a car scheduled for a CES 2016 launch. Even if they don’t have a vehicle, they have new technology to show. Volkswagen is going to show a brand new concept or an entirely new car which we are not sure about. The company has already started teasing the buyers with a […]

Volkswagen is Working on an Electric Microbus Concept

According to the latest reports, it has been confirmed that Volkswagen is going to manufacture their microbus once again, but this time it is not going to run on gasoline, but on an electric motor. The company has confirmed that they will be showcasing the bus at the upcoming CES technology show which is the […]

The Exhaustive List of Cars Set for 2015 Los Angeles Auto Show Reveal

The list of cars scheduled for 2015 Los Angeles auto show reveal is definitely a huge one. No one would have expected the automobile industry to come up with so many launches and concept cars in a show that takes place at the end of the year. The event is set to take place next […]

Volkswagen Emission Scandal Widens as Porsche and Audi Brands Slapped with Violation Notices

The Environmental Protection Agency slapped Volkswagen’s Audi and Porsche brands also with emission violation notices deepening the VW Emission scandal. The EPA included more expensive and bigger cars including the SUVs and luxury cars from Audi and Porsche. Previously, in September, the EPA had slammed charges of fitting ‘cheat devices’ into 482,000 small cars powered […]

Volkswagen Discloses New ‘Control Device’ in 2016 Models Capable of Cheating Emission Tests

Volkswagen has disclosed to the US regulators the presence of a new ‘control device’ in its 2016 models that could effectively cheat emission tests and is capable of making the vehicles’ exhausts operate ‘cleaner’ during the emission testing process. The company confirmed that this ‘control device’ that is fitted into the 2016 models works differently […]

Volkswagen Set to Recall 8.5 Million Diesel Cars, Massive Move Ever

The recall that Volkswagen is about to embark upon is probably one of the biggest ever in automobile history. They are expected to bring back over 8.5 million diesel vehicles from the U.S., Europe, among other regions, after they failed to pass the emission tests. It all started as an allegation from the Environmental Protection […]

Volkswagen Might Dole Out Money to Car Owners Affected by the Emission Scandal

In a bid to compensate for some of the potential losses that could be incurred due to a drop in the resale/market value of Volkswagen vehicles driven by the massive emission scandal, the company might dole out money to the affected car owners. This was testified by Michael Horn, Volkswagen US CEO, before a congressional […]

Volkswagen and Audi Face a New Lawsuit Filed by Texas

Volkswagen and its subsidiary company Audi are facing enough trouble already which will be further aggravated by a new lawsuit. Texas has filed multiple suits against these two companies for selling diesel cars to their customers that didn’t meet the promised emission standards. At first, it started as an allegation made by the Environmental Protection […]

Volkswagen Retreats from U.S. Market, No Diesel Cars for 2016

From recent news, it is evident that Volkswagen has accepted defeat and decided to rein in further losses by opting out of the U.S. market. They are probably not going to stop selling their popular gasoline models, but the 2016 variants of their diesel vehicles will not make their way to the U.S. soil. It […]

2016 Volkswagen Tiguan versus 2016 Kia Sportage – Which Middle Class SUV is Your Choice?

The 2016 Kia Sportage and the 2016 Volkswagen Tiguan were both announced during the Frankfurt Motor Show. And while BMW, Mercedes and Audi attracted most of the attention during the Frankfurt Motor Show, it is the middle class vehicles and SUVs like the Tiguan and the Sportage that will get more sales. The reason is […]

Emission Scandal Update: Audi and Volkswagen Surrender ‘Green Car of the Year’ Trophies

The latest information to be added to the Volkswagen Emission Scandal update is that both Audi and VW have been asked to surrender ‘Green Car of the Year’ trophies that they had won for 2010 Audi A3 TDI and 2009 Jetta TDI. The awards have been taken back by Green Car Journal. Volkswagen and Audi […]