New 2018 Volkswagen CC Revealed to be High-Powered Dynamo

When most people think about Volkswagen as a brand, it’s often considered to be economical, affordable, and conservative yet trendy. While this is all true, the new Volkswagen models will probably feature a lot sportier features, both inside the cabin and under the hood. This is especially true with the upcoming 2018 Volkswagen CC, a […]

2017 Volkswagen Polo Revealed In New Spy Pictures

Volkswagen Polo 2107 edition is about to be the next big entry for the manufacturer. The brand aims to rival their competitors with brand new chassis, design, luxurious features and infotainment system with best connectivity in recent years. A bunch of spy photographs are now available that gave us a good perspective on how the […]

Tesla Is Building An Electrified Microbus Just Like Volkswagen

Tesla is building an electric microbus of its own and according to recent news, it looks like they are going to compete directly with the one built by Volkswagen. The master plan two was earlier announced by Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla. According to this plan, the company will focus on implement electric motors in […]

Volkswagen Beetle Receives New Summer Style and a R-Line Trim

The Beetle is a pet project for the Volkswagen brand. The company became so popular with this tiny new car they launched decades ago and it still is a most wanted model among buyers. The new update for the Volkswagen Beetle is the summer styled edition the company has rolled out. It brings along a […]

Volkswagen Partners With LG To Create Next Gen Connected Cars

Cars are evolving at a rapid pace with electric motors and self-driving capabilities. Volkswagen is just not happy with these and has partnered with LG to push them even further to create a new generation of connected cars. An official announcement was made which confirmed the new plan to create cars and they are going […]

2017 Volkswagen Touareg Gets Refreshed With T-Prime Concept

When automobile manufacturers were thinking twice about launching large SUVs, Volkswagen took the first step with its Touareg model. The time has come to refresh it completely and it was previewed as the T-prime concept car recently. The images of the concept car were released in a leading automobile magazine giving us a prompt of […]

Hybrid Version Dropped from 2017 Volkswagen Jetta Line up

Volkswagen has quietly gone out of the hybrid market – especially in terms of the Jetta and Touareg – for the American markets. The scandal hit German company has been struggling to revive its popular name especially in the North American markets. Hence, this decision to remove a vehicle, which may not have set the […]

Volkswagen Announces 2017 Lineup, Jetta Hybrid Discontinued

The 2017 Volkswagen lineup is pretty simple and the automobile brand has decided to remove the Jetta hybrid so that their buyers can go for a feasible option. Providing plug-in or hybrid powertrains with every model is not going to boost sales. Buyers always have specific choices as those who prefer a petrol engine may […]

Volkswagen’s 2017 Pink Beetle Limited Edition is Colorfully Captivating

The concept car for Volkswagen Pink Beetle 2017 Edition was originally showcased at the New York Auto Show this year. The car is now scheduled to get launched and will be available in limited numbers. With a unique name #pinkbeetle, Volkswagen is promoting the concept car which is now in its production stage. And, for […]

Volkswagen Aiming To Go Full EV Like Tesla With GigaFactory

Volkswagen is keen on expanding its electric vehicle portfolio and if the latest update is confirmed, they are probably planning to become a company like Tesla with plenty of EVs under their lineup. The information comes from a German newspaper which confirmed that they are planning to invest over a billion so as to build […]

Volkswagen Is Building Their Second EV Platform

Volkswagen has already constructed their first ever platform for electric vehicles and cars are being designed for the same. The company is considering the possibility of building one more for larger vehicles including SUVs and crossovers. The first platform has been named the MEB which was earlier displayed at the consumer electronics expo this year. […]

Upgraded Volkswagen Amarok Features 3.0 Liter V6 Diesel Engine

Volkswagen released new pictures of the upgraded Amarok and the premium pickup vehicle is impressive than expected. With whole new exterior and interior design combined with powerful V6 diesel engine, it is set to leave a mark when it hits stores. The truck is powered by a 2.0 TDI engine in the base model and […]

Top End Volkswagen Touareg R-Line Plus Revealed

The top end variant of the Volkswagen Touareg R-Line plus model was revealed by the company. It uses a range of additional equipment and has a confirmed price tag of £48,095. For UK buyers, the pricing is on the expensive side but when the brand offers so much luxury with unparalleled performance, it is not […]

Volkswagen Releases Teaser Image For Its Midsized Crossover

The next midsized crossover from Volkswagen is still in its early stages. The production body for the model has been built. The brand has released a teaser image for the car with its engineering unit posing in front of the build. The midsized CUV is under production at Volkswagen’s Chattanooga plant. While it is still […]

Volkswagen T-Prime Concept GTE Unveiled in China

Volkswagen is keen on coming away from the diesel gate scandal unscathed in terms of sales figures. Even though it has affected the company’s reputation a lot, the recently unveiled T-Prime Concept GTE shows that the German giant still has the art of making highly desirable vehicles. Unveiled at the 2016 Beijing auto show, the […]

Volkswagen T-Prime Concept GTE Hits Show Floors in Beijing

The 2016 Beijing auto show garnered great attention because of the long list of cars that made it to the show floor and the Volkswagen T-Prime concept model found its way as well. The SUV is considered the most advanced of them all with next gen features including large screen touchscreen console, performance driven powertrain […]