Volkswagen Pitches in $14.7 Billion for Diesel Cars Buyback, Approved by the US Federal Court

Volkswagen Diesel Cars Buyback

According to sources, Volkswagen has a reached a deal with the United States that involves an offer wherein Volkswagen will be buying back almost half a million of its diesel cars which were said to be released with emission-cheating features. Volkswagen had earlier testified in front of a federal judge about buying back almost 500,000 […]

Volkswagen Emission Scandal Widens as Porsche and Audi Brands Slapped with Violation Notices

Volkswagen Emission

The Environmental Protection Agency slapped Volkswagen’s Audi and Porsche brands also with emission violation notices deepening the VW Emission scandal. The EPA included more expensive and bigger cars including the SUVs and luxury cars from Audi and Porsche. Previously, in September, the EPA had slammed charges of fitting ‘cheat devices’ into 482,000 small cars powered […]

Volkswagen Set to Recall 8.5 Million Diesel Cars, Massive Move Ever


The recall that Volkswagen is about to embark upon is probably one of the biggest ever in automobile history. They are expected to bring back over 8.5 million diesel vehicles from the U.S., Europe, among other regions, after they failed to pass the emission tests. It all started as an allegation from the Environmental Protection […]

Volkswagen Might Dole Out Money to Car Owners Affected by the Emission Scandal

Volkswagen; Emission Scandal

In a bid to compensate for some of the potential losses that could be incurred due to a drop in the resale/market value of Volkswagen vehicles driven by the massive emission scandal, the company might dole out money to the affected car owners. This was testified by Michael Horn, Volkswagen US CEO, before a congressional […]

Volkswagen Emission Scandal Gets Uglier: Audi Admits to Fitting ‘Cheat Switch’ in 2.1 Million Vehicles Globally

Volkswagen Scandal

The Volkswagen emission scandal just got uglier as Audi admitted to fitting the ‘cheat switch’ in 2.1 million vehicles globally. This means that about a million European Audi drivers are affected by this scam. Subsequent to an inspection conducted by the US Environment Protection Agency, wherein 11 million cars were found to have the ‘cheat […]

Toyota Gets Upper Hand after Volkswagen’s Mistakes and the Fall of Diesel Cars

Volkswagen Emission

Volkswagen is in a critical situation at the moment after the Environmental Protection Agency accused the company of bypassing emission requirements by using a software program in their diesel cars. Ever since the allegation became public, the company has been facing a serious downfall in their share prices and they had broken the trust they […]

Volkswagen Emission Scandal: More Heads to Roll, Key Personnel in Audi and Porsche to Quit Too


The Volkswagen emission scandal is expected to take more victims as more heads are expected to roll, including key personnel in Audi and Porsche. The company’s supervisory board is set to meet soon and take critical decisions in a bid to ride over the present crisis smoothly. The Transportation and Environment organization, a European group, […]