Volkswagen Discloses New ‘Control Device’ in 2016 Models Capable of Cheating Emission Tests


Volkswagen has disclosed to the US regulators the presence of a new ‘control device’ in its 2016 models that could effectively cheat emission tests and is capable of making the vehicles’ exhausts operate ‘cleaner’ during the emission testing process. The company confirmed that this ‘control device’ that is fitted into the 2016 models works differently […]

New Apple and Android Technologies Ready to Embrace Volkswagen 2016 Models

Volkswagen 2016 Cross Coupe GTE

Buyers who opt for luxury cars get to enjoy a lot of benefits including automatic crash alerts, smartphone synchronization and more. Such autonomous features are removed from budget vehicles because the car manufacturers are not interested in providing more than what the consumers pay for. However, times have changed and even the cheapest smartphone in […]