Mazda Ready to Showcase Sports Car with Rotary Engine at Tokyo Show


The Tokyo auto expo show has attracted all the big players in the automobile industry and Mazda is going to be one of them. As expected, the company will be showcasing some of their upcoming vehicles as well as brand new concept cars. Latest news confirmed that the brand is looking forward to introduce rotary […]

Mercedes Benz Vision Tokyo is a Connected Lounge for Gen Z


Any commuter passing by the car may assume it’s some sort of colorful display advertisement for a brand or a van filled with lots of colors.   They can’t be blamed for being so naïve, because what Mercedes Benz has done with Vision Tokyo Connected Lounge is completely unique and the company’s official addresses it […]

Nissan Releases Teaser Image of New Concept Electric Vehicle: to be Showcased at the Tokyo Motor Show

Nissan Electric Vehicle

Nissan, the Japanese car maker, has released a teaser image of its new concept electric vehicle expected to be showcased at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show. Yet unnamed, Nissan simply described it as, ‘the future vision of car intelligence and electrification’, sending signals that the new concept car would be an all-electric vehicle with, perhaps, […]

Honda Launches Neowing: Concept Three-Wheel Motorcycle to be Showcased at the Tokyo Motor Show


Honda, the Japanese automobile giant and one of the largest motorcycle manufacturers in the world, launched Neowing, its concept tilting three-wheel motorcycle. Neowing is expected to be showcased at the Tokyo Motor Show during October 30 – November 8. Honda will also reveal other 2- and 4-wheeled concept vehicles at this 44th Tokyo Motor Show. […]

All the Cars and Tech Scheduled for 2015 Tokyo Motor Show Reveal

2015 Tokyo Motor Show

The 2015 Tokyo Motor Show is scheduled to take place on October 29. With just weeks to go to the event, every top car manufacturer, including Nissan, Toyota and Suzuki is gearing up to showcase their best creations. While the consumer market expects the makers to come up with real cars, the motor shows are […]

2015 Tokyo Motor Show Ready to Showcase Nissan’s Concept 2020 Vision GT


The line-up for the 2015 Tokyo motor show is fast growing with some impressive additions. The upcoming Concept 2020 Vision Gran Turismo from Nissan is a worthy addition to the lot. While the actual competition occurs in the consumer market, vehicle manufacturers love to showcase their best during auto shows. They are able to show […]