Apple Stock Price Gets a Big Boost from Tim Cook’s Email Response on Reassuring Sales in China

Tim Cook

After Tim Cook, Apple CEO, responded to CNBC’s ‘Mad Money’ host, Jim Cramer’s email, that Apple has been witnessing reassuring sales growth in China, the stock prices got a big boost. Apple is said to have traded at 5% higher on the back of this reassuring mail from the CEO. According to, the ‘Mad […]

Apple Watch Exclusivity Ends, Sales in Best Buy Begins this August

Apple Watch Sales Best Buy August 7

Apple has decided to step out of its comfort zone and launch the Apple Watch in other stores as well. In the past, customers could have a look at it only at their designated stores and then place an order online. Apple has always wanted to keep stocks at a minimum and refrained from selling […]

Apple Watch Will Fly Off the Shelves this Holiday Season: Tim Cook

Apple watch

After a disappointing sales call, analysts predicted that a major share of the loss should be subjected to the poor sales of Apple Watch. However, statistics has an entirely different story to reveal. According to Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, the smartwatch has exceeded internal expectations but he didn’t reveal the actual number of […]