Tesla Model X is the Primary Focus for the Brand’s Last Quarter


Tesla is a company associated with electric vehicles and their newest Model X is the talk of the town. The first ever electric SUV which posed stylish Falcon doors, an amazing mileage and stylish design combined with a ludicrous speed mode. The company recently submitted their financial report for the third quarter and during the […]

2016 Tesla Model X Sleek Profile Makes for a Status Symbol: Future of EV Market in Cheaper Mass Market Cars

Tesla Model X Sleek Profile

The sleek design and great profile of the long-awaited 2016 Tesla Model X definitely makes for a status symbol. The sleekness and sexiness of the new all-electric SUV, however, does not come very cheap. The most basic model (stripped of all excesses) starts at $80,000 whereas the experts in the Electric Vehicle market opine that […]

Tesla Celebrated Model X SUV Launch with a Live Streamed Party


Seldom do companies choose to celebrate the launch of a vehicle in such a grand scheme. Tesla truly believes that their Model X all-electric SUV is a groundbreaking launch, which they celebrated with a huge party that was live streamed to the audience. The company had to undergone a lot of hurdles before the SUV […]

Tesla Model X – A Ridiculously Fast SUV that Can Fit Seven People with Top Safety Features


Well, after all those speculations, rumors and reports, we finally get a first look at the Tesla Model X. The company has launched its first fully electric SUV and it is gorgeous. Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk started the presentation of the new SUV focusing on its safety features. As per Musk’s words, the Tesla Model […]

Tesla Model X Signature Series Offers Abnormal Speed at Insane Price

Tesla Model X

That moment is finally here, as Tesla has announced the pricing and specs of the Model X. And as it turns out, the Signature Series of the Tesla Model X will be an extremely expensive all electric SUV. The standard version of the Model X will also offer decent performances and the signature series is […]

Tesla Model X’s Competitor, Audi Q6 Concept Art Leaked Before Official Launch

2018 Audi Q6

Car manufacturers have increasingly started focusing on launching self-driving and electronic cars to revive the decreasing automotive sales. While technology has rapidly grown in the past few decades, the world of automobiles continues to rely on old school methods, including conventional gas and gears system. In an attempt to change it, Audi is all set […]