Tesla Has Plans for Model Y, Not a Redesigned Model S


Tesla motors is probably one of the busiest automakers in the world at the moment, ever since they successfully launched the Model X SUV. The SUV brought many firsts into the commercial industry including the audacious falcon wing doors and towing capacity on an electric vehicle. While other automobile makers are intimidated by going fully […]

Tesla Celebrated Model X SUV Launch with a Live Streamed Party


Seldom do companies choose to celebrate the launch of a vehicle in such a grand scheme. Tesla truly believes that their Model X all-electric SUV is a groundbreaking launch, which they celebrated with a huge party that was live streamed to the audience. The company had to undergone a lot of hurdles before the SUV […]

Argus Analysts Revise Production Forecast for Tesla Motors Downward to 50K

tesla motors

The analysts at Argus revised the production forecast for Tesla Motors Inc, manufacturers of electric vehicles, downward from 60K to 50K on the back of some hitches in the manufacture of Model X. Earlier, the company reported a $.0.48 per share loss published in its financial result for the second quarter of FY2015, which was […]

Tesla Motors Upcoming Charging Stations in New York Will Facilitate Model S Owners

Tesla Supercharging Stations

Car manufacturers are expected to focus on multiple domains at once and an electric car maker has to focus on a dozen objectives, all at once. Tesla Motors has taken up the challenge. The first step is to convince a buyer to go for a hybrid or an electric car which is a tough phase. Most […]