Tesla Celebrated Model X SUV Launch with a Live Streamed Party


Seldom do companies choose to celebrate the launch of a vehicle in such a grand scheme. Tesla truly believes that their Model X all-electric SUV is a groundbreaking launch, which they celebrated with a huge party that was live streamed to the audience. The company had to undergone a lot of hurdles before the SUV […]

Tesla Model X – A Ridiculously Fast SUV that Can Fit Seven People with Top Safety Features


Well, after all those speculations, rumors and reports, we finally get a first look at the Tesla Model X. The company has launched its first fully electric SUV and it is gorgeous. Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk started the presentation of the new SUV focusing on its safety features. As per Musk’s words, the Tesla Model […]

Tesla Believes the Model X SUV Will be a Roaring Success, Invests in Production

Tesla Model X Electric SUV

CEO of Tesla, the electric car manufacturer, Elon Musk, said that the company has high hopes for the Model X SUV which is scheduled to reach the customers by next month. In his earlier speech, Musk had said that he expects the SUV to be a blockbuster hit. In line with his speech, Tesla has […]

Tesla Model X Ready for Delivery to First Loyal Customers: Launch Date Set for September 29 

Tesla Model X Electric SUV

The much-awaited Tesla Model X, the electric sports utility vehicle from Tesla Motors, is ready to be delivered to the first batch of its loyal customers. The official launch date is set for September 29. The launch event is to be held at the company’s factory in Fremont, California. Model X, Tesla’s third car, is […]

Tesla Model X Launch Date Delayed to Add 10 More Miles to the Electric SUV


Tesla is all set to launch their first ever Model X, the fully electric vehicle which is a spacious SUV that boasts of amazing interiors, cool falcon wing doors, great fuel economy and other impressive assets. However, the company has been facing one issue or the other ever since they decided to make an electric […]

Tesla Model X – Still Tweaking, First Cars Arrive on September 29


Most people would assume that a company would not make changes just two weeks before the official release of a vehicle. However, that is not true with the Tesla Model X, as fans are saying that there are changes and new tweaks on the SUV that is scheduled to arrive on September 29. The deadline […]

Apple Sabotaged Tesla’s Model X to build its EV Car – Project Titan

Apple Project Titan

Apple is working on its own electric car project named the Titan and in order to make it a possibility, they have acquired hundreds of employees and key persons from Tesla which is said to be the reason for Model X being delayed. Tesla is an electric car manufacturer and has set an insanely high […]

Audi E-Tron Quattro is Here, Should Tesla Be Worried?

Audi E-Tron

We can safely say that 2015 is the year when most major car manufacturers grasped the idea of luxury, all electric vehicles. The last in line is Audi, with its E-tron Quattro, a concept SUV that the German manufacturer hopes will lure luxury customers into the market of electric vehicles. Volkswagen opened the barrage at […]

Audi Unveils E-tron Quattro SUV to Compete Tesla Model X


At the Frankfurt Auto Show which is underway at the moment, Tesla is the manufacturer that everyone wants to compete with because the industry believes that electric cars are the future. About a decade ago, the market was completely different and hybrid cars meant vehicles that used parts from multiple models to deliver speed on […]

First Tesla Model X SUV to Arrive on September 29


We have previously seen the production version of the Tesla Model X, but up until now, we didn’t have a clue when the first vehicle will be delivered. But Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk, finally shed some light on the matter. Musk revealed that the first SUV will be delivered on September 29, courtesy of an […]

New Tesla Model X Buyers can Customize Color, Wheel Size and Ludicrous Speed

Tesla Model X Australia

The vision pioneered by Elon Musk of Tesla is now complete as the company steps into the premium category, where companies allow their customers to customize their vehicle, the way they like it. Not all manufacturers can boast of such an option, because it costs a lot and requires more attention to detail, as each […]

Tesla Model X Signature Series Offers Abnormal Speed at Insane Price

Tesla Model X

That moment is finally here, as Tesla has announced the pricing and specs of the Model X. And as it turns out, the Signature Series of the Tesla Model X will be an extremely expensive all electric SUV. The standard version of the Model X will also offer decent performances and the signature series is […]

Audi’s All-Electric SUV is a Direct Competitor to Tesla Model X

Audi Electric SUV

Talk about electric cars and it is Tesla that will come to the forefront. By creating some of the amazing all-electric vehicles that offer impressive mileage, the company has set a benchmark which is not easy to beat. However, leading car manufacturers are already doing their best to create impressive vehicles which has the potential […]

Is Tesla Model X Doomed? New Survey Shows Lack of Interest for Electric Vehicles

Tesla Model X

In the next six weeks, Tesla Inc. will release the highly anticipated, all electric SUV, the Tesla Model X. However, that anticipation seems to be overrated, as new survey in the US shows lack of interest for purchasing electric vehicles. According to the survey by Harris Poll, the sales numbers of electric vehicles and hybrid […]

Tesla Model X Release Date Confirmed as September 30 2015

Tesla Model X Release Date

Customers around the world have been waiting for the Tesla Model X for quite some time. Tesla made the announcement during the quarterly shareholder letter. The Model X was first introduced in 2012 and customers have been waiting for the SUV to ship for two years by now. Initially, Tesla started the pre-order process in […]

Pictures of the Audi C-Bev Concept Leak Online Ahead of Frankfurt Motor Show

Frankfurt motor show

Early this year, Audi’s R&D boss Ulrich Hackenberg said that the company is developing a battery powered SUV dubbed the Audi C-Bev concept that will compete with the Tesla Model X. The vehicle was initially scheduled for announcement during the Frankfurt Motor Show in September this year. However, it looks like we might get the […]