Porsche Mission E Takes Inspiration from Tesla Model S: Electric Vehicles Getting Heads Up


The new electric car from Porsche dubbed Mission E is inspired by EV-pioneer Tesla’s Model S. As automotive bigwigs get into the electric vehicle market, it appears that the future of automotives is going electric. Porsche Mission E was unveiled ahead of the Frankfurt Motor Show and the new concept car seems set to meet […]

Mercedes-Benz Readying Tesla’s Model S Rival with 311 Mile Range


Tesla is leading the electric car race and their Model S variant has caught up among luxury sedan buyers. Instead of opting for a Mercedes or an Aston Martin, people choose to go with a Tesla because its emission friendly, fuel efficient and luxurious. Mercedes-Benz is already prepping its own all-electric vehicle which is expected […]

Mercedes Joining the Battle with Tesla Model S with new Electric Vehicle

Mercedes Benz SLS AMG Electric Drive; (BR 197); Paris 2012

This year and probably the beginning of the next one, Tesla will have no competition in the market for all electric vehicles. But that is about to change, as Mercedes-Benz is the latest manufacturer to announce that the company is working on an electric vehicle that will rival both the Tesla Model S and the […]

Tesla Model S P85D Receives a Substantial Perfect Score from Consumer Reports


Consumer Reports is run by a stringent team of car enthusiasts and it is difficult to get a perfect score from them. Only products that are substantially good will manage to grab that coveted position. Tesla’s Model S sedan is an immense success and people just loved it. However, the first model received a near […]

BMW i5 is an Upcoming Electric Luxury Sedan Designed to Beat Tesla’s Model S

BMW i5

Tesla has a strong foot in the electric car segment; but BMW, another leading luxury car manufacturer, is not going to give up easily. The company is all set to launch a new luxury sedan, the i5 which will be a fully electric vehicle designed to beat Tesla’s most successful Model S cars. The German […]

Tesla Motors Upcoming Charging Stations in New York Will Facilitate Model S Owners

Tesla Supercharging Stations

Car manufacturers are expected to focus on multiple domains at once and an electric car maker has to focus on a dozen objectives, all at once. Tesla Motors has taken up the challenge. The first step is to convince a buyer to go for a hybrid or an electric car which is a tough phase. Most […]

Tesla Model S – Bug that Allowed Hackers to Control the Car is Now Fixed

Tesla Model S bug

The evolution is complete! After people spent enough time worrying about losing private data from computers and staying away from hackers, a new era has now spawned. Now, you may have to worry about your car being hacked. That’s right! With almost every last automobile manufacturer in the world embracing connected cars, it is much […]

Tesla Introduces Referral Program, Friends of Tesla Model S Owners Can Save $1000

Tesla Model S

This referral program is not an innovative idea because this type of marketing strategy has been around for a long time. However, it is the first time that Tesla is stepping into the scene to promote their Model S cars. Elon Musk, CEO of the company announced the experimental program in a recent conference. It […]