Tesla Announces More Powerful Model S and X P100D Editions

Tesla Model S X P100D Editions

  Tesla has been continuously expanding their product lineup with newer and better cars all the time. The next generation models to join the lot are the Model S and the Model S P100D editions. Priced at £114,200 and £117,200 respectively in the UK region, these cars promise better performance and increased mile range made […]

Tesla’s Model S P100D Can Go 0 to 60 In Just 2.5 Seconds

Tesla Model S P100D

Tesla has announced that the Model S and the Model X are about to receive new, more powerful batteries. The upgrade will allow the vehicles to travel longer distances and perform better. They also contribute to the vehicles acceleration capabilities. The Tesla Model S P100D which when upgraded with the Ludicrous mode and a 100-kilowatt-hour […]

Tesla Launches X 60D, An Entry Level EV SUV For The Crowd

2016 Tesla Model X

After introducing the Model S sedan and the Model X SUV, Tesla announced the new Model 3. It is the electric car for the crowd who couldn’t afford much priced at just $35,000 and had an amazing 200-mile range. The next big reveal has taken place. Tesla has officially announced on their Twitter handle about […]

Autopilot Tesla Model S Sets Record for Fastest Cross Country Road Trip for any Electric Vehicle

Tesla Model S Autopilot

Tesla Model S has recently been equipped with the autonomous driving technology and three enthusiastic owners set a new record for completing a cross country road trip by an electric vehicle. The drivers employed the auto-pilot for almost the entire trip. Three friends – Deena Mastracci, Alex Roy and Carl Reese – chose to take […]

Tesla Model X Unwittingly Powering Model S Sales: Slow Production is Driving Customers to Model S


Tesla Model X was recently launched and it now seems that it is unwittingly powering the sale of the company’s Model S. The slow production and long waiting period for Model X is seen as reasons for customers to opt for Model S instead. The launch of Tesla’s Model X crossover has created mixed reviews […]

Tesla Model S P90D is Unbelievably Futuristic for the Common Driver

Tesla Model S P90D

Not everyone has a hundred thousand dollars lying around in their home, but those who do would have probably purchased the Tesla Model S P90D already. The amazing, high end variant of the electric sedan from Tesla is simply too futuristic to be on the road at the moment. Drivers have had the opportunity to […]

Porsche Mission E Concept Car Set to Beat Tesla Model S in Terms of Maximum Speed


Porsche Mission E Concept car is all set to beat Tesla Model S in terms of maximum speed. This is expected to be achieved through the use of separate motors for the rear and front wheels and also by increasing the reduction ratio differences between the two motors. Porsche Mission E, like any of the […]

Tesla Has Plans for Model Y, Not a Redesigned Model S


Tesla motors is probably one of the busiest automakers in the world at the moment, ever since they successfully launched the Model X SUV. The SUV brought many firsts into the commercial industry including the audacious falcon wing doors and towing capacity on an electric vehicle. While other automobile makers are intimidated by going fully […]

Tesla Model S P85D vs. BMW M5 Nighthawk – A Head to Head Comparison

BMW M5 Nighthawk

While in technical terms, it may not be wise to compare the petrol powered BMW M5 Nighthawk against the electric motor powered Tesla Model S P85D, it is impossible to resist such a comparison. With emission control issues going sky high every year, it is not surprising to see automobile manufacturers leaning towards electric vehicles. […]

Audi E-Tron Quattro is Here, Should Tesla Be Worried?

Audi E-Tron

We can safely say that 2015 is the year when most major car manufacturers grasped the idea of luxury, all electric vehicles. The last in line is Audi, with its E-tron Quattro, a concept SUV that the German manufacturer hopes will lure luxury customers into the market of electric vehicles. Volkswagen opened the barrage at […]