Tesla Model S P90D is Unbelievably Futuristic for the Common Driver

Tesla Model S P90D

Not everyone has a hundred thousand dollars lying around in their home, but those who do would have probably purchased the Tesla Model S P90D already. The amazing, high end variant of the electric sedan from Tesla is simply too futuristic to be on the road at the moment. Drivers have had the opportunity to […]

Volvo Broadcasts Ambitious Plans to Unveil an All-Electric Vehicle in 2019 to Combat Tesla


Volvo announced ambitious plans to unveil an all-electric sedan in 2019 in a bid to combat Tesla. The new sedan from Volvo is expected to feature a 300-mile driving range and deliver great performance. The new sedan is part of a long-term strategy of Volvo to electrify its entire range of vehicles by 2020. All […]

Apple Sabotaged Tesla’s Model X to build its EV Car – Project Titan

Apple Project Titan

Apple is working on its own electric car project named the Titan and in order to make it a possibility, they have acquired hundreds of employees and key persons from Tesla which is said to be the reason for Model X being delayed. Tesla is an electric car manufacturer and has set an insanely high […]

NextEV, the China-Based Electric Vehicle Startup seen as Potential Threat to Tesla


NextEV, an upcoming China-based electric vehicle startup, is seen as a potential threat to the business interests of Tesla Motors Inc. NextEV is being funded by Tencent, a Chinese internet company and Hillhouse Capital, an investment firm which is also funding Uber, the international transport network company based in the US. The new investment is […]

Tesla Model S P85D Receives a Substantial Perfect Score from Consumer Reports


Consumer Reports is run by a stringent team of car enthusiasts and it is difficult to get a perfect score from them. Only products that are substantially good will manage to grab that coveted position. Tesla’s Model S sedan is an immense success and people just loved it. However, the first model received a near […]