PS4 Saves Sony from Going Bankrupt, Mobile Sales Decrease

Sony PS4

Sony has multiple divisions with a stronghold in the movies, smartphones and tablets, besides the gaming industry. In recent times, buyers’ interest in buying mobile phones has steadily decreased, which made it really difficult to sustain in the market. In their financial call, reports confirmed that Sony is not doing well in most of their […]

Sony Won’t Sell Drones to Consumers, Will Focus on Integrated Data Services Instead

Sony Drones

Sony Mobile Communication in association with ZMP Inc., a Japanese robotics manufacturer, recently announced that they are going to make drones by combining their best technologies. The announcement, obviously, is unclear because when the news broke, most people assumed that Sony is going to sell drones. The industry is already dominated by companies like DJI […]

Sony Mobile and ZMP Collaborate to Create Aerosense, a Drone Photography Company

Sony ZMP Aerosense Drone Camera

Sony Mobile Communications has focused only on smartphones and tablets until now. The company is now associated with a robotics manufacturer from Japan, named ZMP. With this new partnership, Sony aims to launch a series of drones that will allow companies to inspect new regions and acquire aerial photographs with relative ease. In this joint […]