Google, Mercedes and Volvo Ready to Accept Liability for their Autonomous Cars’ Mistakes

Mercedes Autonomous Car

Almost every major automobile manufacturer and tech giant in the world has an autonomous car project going in their stables. Apple is a good example and everyone knows that Google has been reading the statistics of their self-driving cars for a while now. It is an inevitable occurrence and there may be cars that drive […]

Apple Joins Tesla, Google and Other Manufacturers of Self-Driving Cars

Transportation Sec'y Foxx Discusses Future Transportation Trends With Google CEO

Apple is aiming to have its self-driven Apple car on the road sometime in 2019. This follows a recent report by the Wall Street Journal that Cupertino will finally be joining the likes of Tesla, Google and other car manufacturers in developing self-driven cars. Even though the WSJ mentioned unnamed sources in the report, the […]

Google’s Self Driving Cars had a Tough Time Identifying a Track Standing Cyclist


Google has created a bunch of autonomous self driving cars which are now roaming across the streets. They are doing a good job so far, but just like every other new software, there are plenty of bugs to be fixed. A hilarious issue was identified a couple of days ago when a professional cyclist had […]

Google’s Self Driving Cars are Safe, Says Chief Chris Urmson

Google self driving driverless cars

Google has been testing self driving cars for quite some time, and the company’s cars have been part of several accidents during that time. However, despite all, Chief Director Chris Urmson says that Google’s self-driving vehicles are safer than normal vehicles. Speaking at an event in Michigan, Urmson said that accidents involving Google’s self driving cars are […]