Toyota Plans to Create Autonomous Cars, Invest $50 Million in Research

1967 Toyota 2000GT

Google showed an immense level of interest in creating self-driving cars and has been testing them for many years now. In recent times, a lot of car manufacturers have started showing interest in creating autonomous vehicles. Creating artificial intelligence for a car to survive on the road is not easy because the way people see […]

Failing to Treat Hearing Loss Leads to Depression: Researchers Say So

Hearing Loss Ear

While it might sound a contradictory opinion to make, the research team which spent analyzing a group of people found that failing to treat hearing loss issues at once can lead to mental depression on the long run. From a doctor’s perspective, it may sound biologically unwarranted because a depressed state doesn’t have any direct […]

Research Team Claims Bodybuilding Supplements could Provoke Eating Disorders

Side Effects of Bodybuilding Supplements

At first look, anyone with built, lean muscle mass might personify the best of healthy lifestyle. But, in reality, it is not easy to achieve such a structure without a strenuous workout and strict diet. Despite all their efforts, some men just can’t achieve the muscular frame. And, there are those who can’t wait for […]