Microsoft Windows 10 OS Release a Grand Success –  Here are the Top Features

Microsoft Windows 10 Features

A few years ago, Windows 7 came as a savior for Windows Vista, and Microsoft is taking the same approach with Windows 10. Acknowledging and admitting mistakes is one of the hardest things to do in the tech industry, but Microsoft is good at both. Truth be told, Microsoft caused enormous pain with the Windows […]

New Microsoft Windows 10 Store Aims to Unify PC Apps and Games Under One Roof

Windows 10 Store Games Apps

The new Windows 10 store is completely revamped and looks brand new. While some people who have had a Windows Phone may be disappointed with the lack of apps, the upcoming operating system shows great potential than any other launch in Microsoft’s history. Microsoft has confirmed that the company is working closely with developers to […]

Microsoft Gets Ready to Release its Latest Bug Free Windows 10 OS on July 29

Microsoft Windows 10 OS

Microsoft had to face strong criticism when Windows 8 launched because the operating system was not user friendly for desktop users. The metro UI was an important update which will be presented in a whole new style with Windows 10. The next big operating system from the company is ready to be launched on July […]

Microsoft Gives Nokia Lumia One Last Chance to Break Even

Microsoft Nokia Lumia

Microsoft Corporation acquired Nokia last year with hopes that the troubled former mobile phone industry giant would make a comeback, but since the acquisition, the Windows Phones have been incurring losses. Microsoft has indicated that it cannot keep up with the terrible liability. In order to stem further losses, Microsoft has lined up launches of […]

Microsoft Quarterly Earnings Report Shows a Record Loss of $3.2 Billion


Microsoft announced the quarterly report for the fiscal fourth quarter, showing a record loss. The company’s report shows weakness in software, an area where Microsoft is usually strong. However, the report also shows strength in consumer-technology, areas in which the company is usually middling. Overall, the revenues for the quarter that ended on June 30 […]