Mercedes Benz E-Class All Terrain SUV is Heading to 2016 Paris Expo

Mercedes-Benz E-Class Estate (BR 213), 2016

Mercedes Benz just launched the 2017 E-Class wagon and they are not going to stop at anything as the company is already ready for another wagon. The brand may soon have more than a dozen wagon in their lineup. The latest one to join the lineup is the Mercedes Benz E-Class All Terrain model which […]

2017 Mercedes Benz E400 4Matic Wagon Specs and Details

Mercedes-Benz E-Class Estate (BR 213), 2016

Most buyers have the notion that the top end variant being offered by Mercedes Benz is the S-Class sedan. But, according to the company it is the E-class wagon which is subtle yet on top of the luxurious offerings from the automobile brand. The car maker in their statement has said that the wealthiest of […]

Google, Mercedes and Volvo Ready to Accept Liability for their Autonomous Cars’ Mistakes

Mercedes Autonomous Car

Almost every major automobile manufacturer and tech giant in the world has an autonomous car project going in their stables. Apple is a good example and everyone knows that Google has been reading the statistics of their self-driving cars for a while now. It is an inevitable occurrence and there may be cars that drive […]

Mercedes Dominated the Frankfurt Auto Show 2015 with Five New Launches

Frankfurt Auto Show 2015

Competitors were many, launches were so many, yet if there is one brand that could easily stand out of the crowd, it is Mercedes Benz. The manufacturers beat competition by launching almost half-a-dozen vehicles at the Frankfurt IAA 2015 show which was a grand success. During the event, the company launched a couple of cars […]

Mercedes IAA Concept is Shapeshifter Car We Haven’t Seen Before

Mercedes IAA Concept

The first word that comes to mind, when thinking of the Mercedes IAA Concept shown in Frankfurt is dramatic. Think about it for a second, you can alter the body of your car from coupe to sedan in just the push of a button. Impressive, isn’t it? Morphing and transforming from one object to another […]

Tesla Races Ahead of BMW, Audi and Mercedes in Luxury Electric Car Segment

Electric Car

While big brands like Audi, Mercedes and BMW are busy creating plug-in hybrids, the luxury electric car manufacturer Tesla is way ahead in the race, opined professor Ferdinand Dudenhoeffer.  The director of the Center for Automotive Research, shortly known as CAR which operates from the University of Duisburg-Essen has some pretty strong analytics to support […]

BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Chrysler Gets Hacked by OwnStar Hack Tool

OwnStar Hack

Smart, connected cars are increasing at a rapid pace. Be it BMW or Mercedes, everyone focuses on creating cars that could easily connect with a driver’s smartphone and other devices. When these vehicles stay connected 24/7 and are readily accessible to the owner, it is obvious that it could also be accessed by a hacker […]