Mercedes Maybach S650 Luxury Convertible Launched at LA with €300,000 Price Tag

Mercedes Maybach S650 Luxury

The Mercedes Maybach luxury lineup of cars now has a new addition, the S650 convertible cabriolet priced at €300,000. The brand confirmed that it will be available for purchase by Spring 2017. Being an exquisite and expensive model, it will be built in limited numbers. Only 300 of these cars will be manufactured and sold […]

Mercedes Benz E63 AMG Arrives to Take on 2017 BMW M5

2017 BMW M5

The latest generation Mercedes Benz E-class has been a huge hit amongst buyers and critics, as the way the vehicle manages to provide comfort and luxury has elevated it above its rivals like the BMW 5-series and the Audi A6. The Mercedes Benz E-class may stand for refinement and comfort, but it does not stop […]

Mercedes Benz X-Class Pickup Truck Models Unveiled at Sweden

Mercedes Benz X-Class

Just a couple of days ago, Mercedes Benz revealed that they have a X-class pickup truck ready to hit dealership stores. As promised, the company revealed those models at an event held in Sweden. The truck revealed in the pictures are said to be a concept model. Mercedes did confirm that they are very close […]

Mercedes Benz Launches Dedicated Brand to Manufacture Electric Cars

Mercedes Benz Generation EQ

Mercedes Benz officially launched the Generation EQ brand at the Paris motor show. The company’s new wing will be dedicated to building electric cars and research in making better EVs. The 2016 Paris motor show is underway at the moment where all top brands have unveiled their own cars and new technologies. The expo, obviously […]

Mercedes AMG GT C, GT Roadster Photos, Specs Revealed Ahead of Paris Show

Mercedes AMG GT C, GT Roadster

Mercedes AMG has revealed the GT C and the GT Roadster model, putting an end to all the rumors floating around. For many weeks, it was rumored that Mercedes is about to launch a GT C variant in association with their favorite partner AMG. There was hardly any solid evidence to justify the rumor but […]

New Mercedes-AMG GT C Roadster Revealed In Teaser Video

New Mercedes-AMG GT C Roadster

The Mercedes AMG GT C Roadster is a convertible version of the popular variant that has been revealed in a brand new teaser. True to its name, the teaser video is extremely limited in content. It shows the profile of the car but the entire design continues to stay camouflaged. The drop top version is […]

Mercedes Owners Are Ready To Embrace Autonomous Technology Right Away

2016 Infiniti Q50

Owners of Mercedes Benz are most willing to adopt autonomous technology as soon as possible followed by Infiniti brand patrons. When it comes to adopting new technology which could sound unfamiliar and expensive in most scenarios, customers are usually slow. Similarly, companies delay incorporating such features as it might affect their current sale trends. The […]

2018 Mercedes AMG GT R Spotted At Monterey Car Week

Mercedes AMG GT R

The 2018 Mercedes AMG GT R finally made its U.S. debut at the Monterey Car Week and it easily made the crowd go awe with excitement, especially because of the unique color tone. The designers have gone for what they call the AMG Green Hell Magno which is strikingly beautiful and makes the car look […]

Mercedes Maybach 6 Concept’s Teaser Image Reveals Gullwing Doors

Mercedes Maybach 6

Gullwing doors are always scintillating and the Mercedes Maybach 6 concept is going for it, as confirmed by a teaser image released by the auto brand. The number of new cars and concept models heading to the Pebble Beach event is rising at a steady rate. Almost every manufacturer has something good to show off […]

Cadillac Is All Set To Launch Futuristic Interior Concept At Pebble Beach

Cadillac Is All Set To Launch Futuristic Interior Concept At Pebble Beach

Pushing the futuristic design further, Cadillac is all set to launch a new interior concept at the Pebble Beach event. Almost all major brands in the automobile world have come up with next gen interiors of their own. Mercedes has expanded theirs with new wide-screen cockpit in their E-class model while Audi has the extremely […]

Mercedes Maybach 6 Concept Teaser Showcases Front Fascia

Mercedes Maybach 6 Teaser Front End

Mercedes continues to tease the audience with another teaser image and this time they have confirmed that it is the concept version of the Mercedes Maybach 6. The teaser image was revealed on the company’s official social media page. It showcases the front fascia of the model with extremely thin headlights coupled with a huge […]

Mercedes EQ The Next Gen All-Electric Car Series Is Coming Soon

Mercedes EQ The Next Gen All-Electric Car Series Is Coming Soon

The all-electric car season has officially started as yet another big brand in the automobile industry, Mercedes Benz joins the race with their all-new EQ series. All future models sporting an electric motor and powered by a battery will fall under the Mercedes EQ category. The information comes from a reliable source and we couldn’t […]