Mercedes Benz Concept IAA is a Car that Redefines the Term ‘Futuristic’

People love futuristic cars with a posh grille, slim design and computerized infotainment system. Mercedes Benz has redefined the term ‘futuristic’ with their Concept IAA car which is expected to start production in 2017. For those who are confused about this name, the IAA doesn’t refer to the alternate name that the Frankfurt Motor Show […]

Mercedes IAA Concept is Shapeshifter Car We Haven’t Seen Before

The first word that comes to mind, when thinking of the Mercedes IAA Concept shown in Frankfurt is dramatic. Think about it for a second, you can alter the body of your car from coupe to sedan in just the push of a button. Impressive, isn’t it? Morphing and transforming from one object to another […]