Next Gen Mercedes A-Class On A Brand New Platform Heading For 2018 Launch

Mercedes A-Class

In the year 2012, Mercedes Benz revamped their A-Class MPV into a hatchback and it was warmly welcomed by buyers. However, it wasn’t the best iteration and the brand aims to change it one more time in 2018. After a solid six years, a new Mercedes Benz A-Class is heading to the stores. A possible […]

Mercedes Benz Readies a Compact A-Class to Beat Beetle and Golf


After satisfying the requirements of their exquisite customers, Mercedes Benz is all set to turn its heads to focus on the mid-range segment with a compact A-class car. Going by the size of it, it looks like the company might be competing against the likes of the Volkswagen Golf and Beetle, which are the most […]