Qoros to Show 217 Mile Range EV Concept Model at Guangzhou Motor Show

Qoros 3 Q-Lectric model

Qoros is a new brand in the automobile sector that has some ambitious plans to revamp the electric vehicle segment. The company is getting ready to launch a new EV concept at the Guangzhou motor show. It is speculated to offer a cool 217 mile range. Named as the Qoros 3 Q-Lectric model, the car […]

Koenigsegg is Designing New 1.6-Liter Engine with 400 Horsepower


Koenigsegg is not the average automaker who focus on daily commuting but rather an aggressive brand which never settles for less. The company’s latest launch is the Regera supercar which is a direct competitor for the Bugatti Chiron. The automobile manufacturer is known for pushing the boundaries of engines and the horsepower that they can […]

Koenigsegg is Looking to Launch a Four Door Model


Sports car usually stand out of the crowd because they are unique in many ways and are usually not designed for the average commuter. They are fast, looks cool, not so fuel efficient and most of all can’t accommodate more than two people at a time. After catering to the elite crowd which don’t mind […]