Prices of 2017 Honda Accord Revealed; Starts from $23,190

2017 Honda Accord

The Accord lineup has a lot of importance for Honda especially in the US markets. The company has just announced pricing for the 2017 lineup, which also sees the introduction of a new Sport Special Edition. The Sport Special Edition is primarily to introduce more standard features on the base vehicle, which starts at $23,190. […]

Honda 2016 Accord Arrives in Style: New Facelift and Latest Tech


The Honda 2016 Accord will be coming to the showrooms very soon. This Japanese maker has quite a history to its name, given that the Accord was introduced about 40 years ago. However, over the entire period, this auto maker has been busy trying to come up with the perfect family car and it seems the […]

Honda Tweaks the 2016 Honda Accord in Effort to Bring Back Buyers; is it Enough?


For a long time, the Honda Accord has been among the most popular midsize sedans in the US and the world. But last year, the sales fell down by 14%, pushing the Japanese company to invest heavily into the 2016 Honda Accord. The midsize sedan is getting a big facelift, but the question is whether […]

Honda Accord Air Bag Quality in Question, U.S. Safety Agency Triggers Investigation

Honda Accord

Honda Accord is one of the most popular luxury sedans in the manufacturer’s lineup. The models have a great patronage in the U.S. and around the globe. Such a feat was accomplished because compared to cars from other brands like BMW and Audi, the Accord is budget friendly that delivers all the luxury features people […]

Honda Accord to Ignore Auto Expos; to be Launched in Silicon Valley Facility

honda accord

From the recent news, it is obvious that the tech firms and car manufacturers are coming closer than ever. Companies like Google and Apple are increasingly interested in making cars while Honda, BMW and Audi are eyeing ways to improve their automobiles. Buyers need vehicles that could offer the best of both worlds, which is […]

2016 Honda Accord Debuts with Android Auto, CarPlay and Other Features on Board

Honda Accord

The question of how important Silicon Valley has grown to become important to Honda these days can well be answered by the fact that this auto giant chose to commemorate its grand opening of a facility meant for expanded research development in Mountain View, California with the release of a brand new 2016 Honda Accord. […]