Google Signs Partnership with Fiat Chrysler to Build Autonomous Cars

Google Autonomous Cars

Google has signed an agreement with FCA Fiat Chrysler and the partnership will now allow them to build on the autonomous project that Google pioneered years ago. In order to make it possible, Chrysler will supply 100 hybrid models in which engineers could experiment with the technology. Based on the agreement, the company will supply […]

Google, Volvo and Uber Join Hands to Establish Autonomous Car Technology

Autonomous Car

The world is pushing itself towards a future where fully autonomous cars are going to be mainstream. The recent partnership between Google, Volvo and Uber confirmed that there is no going back. The team also includes Ford and Lyft with the primary goal to establish a specific set of rules for autonomous cars so that […]

Google, Mercedes and Volvo Ready to Accept Liability for their Autonomous Cars’ Mistakes

Mercedes Autonomous Car

Almost every major automobile manufacturer and tech giant in the world has an autonomous car project going in their stables. Apple is a good example and everyone knows that Google has been reading the statistics of their self-driving cars for a while now. It is an inevitable occurrence and there may be cars that drive […]

Google+ Lost to Facebook, Google Admits Defeat and Accepts User Requests


The Google+ social networking service was launched four years ago when it was touted to be the rival to take on Facebook. Critics and users opined that it is not easy to beat the social networking website because Facebook has already crossed 1 billion subscribers by then. However, Google didn’t want to give up and […]

Facebook Follows Google’s Path, Offers Free Internet to Mobile Operators

Facebook Free Internet

Companies like Google and Facebook are extremely dependent on the internet. If people don’t have access to the internet, these companies just can’t exist. After being in the global market for decades, the tech firms realized that they have acquired one hundred percent share in the developed countries. Almost everyone owns a computer or a […]

Google’s Android Vulnerability Identified by a Security Firm, No Patch Released Yet

Android Vulnerability

In modern times, third party security firms are often more active than the actual tech companies that create the hardware and the software. Recently, a firm that was supposed to protect companies was hacked and a lot of passwords got leaked. However, the company later confirmed that everything is under control and that they have […]

Customizing Video Uploads on Facebook is Much Easier with its Latest Update

Facebook video upload

Facebook has been actively focusing on videos in the past few weeks and is trying to compete with Google’s YouTube. Earlier, the company rolled out specific features to promote video content to users, including ‘Auto Play’ when users scroll through feeds and the ability to minimize videos into a thumbnail so they could continue browsing […]

Twitch Follows YouTube, Decides to Drop Adobe Flash and Adopt HTML 5

Twitch YouTube Adobe Flash Player HTML 5 b

The Google owned video streaming website YouTube was the first major player to drop Adobe Flash player and adopt HTML 5. Following Google’s footsteps, the Amazon owned live game streaming service Twitch has ditched Flash recently. A couple of years ago, Adobe Flash Player was the king when it came to delivering multimedia content on […]

Welcome Google Photos; Google is Shutting Down Google+ Photos

Google plus photos

Google Inc. has decided to shut down Google Plus Photos on August 1 in an effort to ensure everyone gets the best photo experience the company can deliver. Google hopes all Google Plus Photos users will switch to the new and better Google Photos application. Google+ Photos is a relic of the times when Google […]

YouTube has More Viewership than Cable Television, Google Claims

Youtube vs Cable TV

YouTube was acquired by Google in the year 2006 when cable television used to be the primary form of entertainment. Time has changed and a lot of people prefer watching content over the web than sitting in front of their television. Google in their latest statement claimed that YouTube has attained phenomenal popularity in terms […]