Ford Focus Set to Increase Electric Range By 100 Miles

Ford Focus 2017

Ford has confirmed that they are not going to launch an electric car with 200 miles range at least in the next two years. However, they have confirmed that they have plans to increase the range of the Ford Focus by a considerable margin. The 2017 Focus Electric is going to receive this anticipated upgrade […]

Ford Signs Up Spotify to Provide New Entertainment Options


Ford has managed to sign a deal with world’s most popular music streaming service, Spotify and all subscribers who have subscribed for the FordPass app will have access to the content they have to offer. The automobile manufacturer has already signed up with McDonald, BP and 7-Eleven. While other brands are not entertainment friendly, Spotify […]

The Exhaustive List of Cars Set for 2015 Los Angeles Auto Show Reveal

2015 Los Angeles Auto Show

The list of cars scheduled for 2015 Los Angeles auto show reveal is definitely a huge one. No one would have expected the automobile industry to come up with so many launches and concept cars in a show that takes place at the end of the year. The event is set to take place next […]