Audi is Building a Special Petrol, Electric Hybrid Car for 2017 Launch

Audi Scandal

Instead of focusing on completely electric vehicles, Audi is working on a petrol-electric hybrid powertrain which will deliver amazing horsepower yet doesn’t compromise on its fuel efficiency and comfort. Electric cars usually have very limited mileage while petrol engine cars are outdated by now besides being a bit high in terms of maintenance cost and […]

Porsche Mission E Takes Inspiration from Tesla Model S: Electric Vehicles Getting Heads Up


The new electric car from Porsche dubbed Mission E is inspired by EV-pioneer Tesla’s Model S. As automotive bigwigs get into the electric vehicle market, it appears that the future of automotives is going electric. Porsche Mission E was unveiled ahead of the Frankfurt Motor Show and the new concept car seems set to meet […]

Audi and Porsche to Challenge Tesla: Electric Vehicles Launched in Frankfurt Motor Show


Volkswagen’s premier brand Audi and Porsche are set to challenge Tesla in the electric vehicle market. The VW flagship brands launched their own all-electric vehicles in the Frankfurt Motor Show on September 14. Despite experts predicting a sharp sales growth, the popularity of electric vehicles did not really take off owing to multiple reasons, including […]

Upcoming Tesla Model 3 Sedan Could Finally Make E-Cars Mainstream at $35,000


Fully electric cars are still a distant dream for an average buyer because the low cost models don’t deliver the much needed mileage while the ones made by Tesla are simply out of reach. The upcoming budget sedan named Model 3 from Tesla could finally bring e-cars to the mainstream audience because at $35,000, it […]

Apple Car May Soon be on the Cards, Sources Reveal

Apple electric car

Apple is with no doubt a huge name in the technology world. However, most of Cupertino’s heroics are evident in the computing world. Millions of American citizens use iPhones, iPads, iPods, MacBooks and a series of other products from Apple; however, it seems the company is working on something new for its enthusiasts. Even though […]