BMW 5 Series Cars with Autonomous Driving Capability Revealed at CES 2017

At CES 2017, BMW has launched their new 5 series cars that supports self-driving technology and has different modes to choose from. The best technology and gadgets are being showcased at the Consumer Electronic Shows 2017. BMW is one among many automobile manufacturers who show keen interest in making their cars fully autonomous. If successfully […]

Toyota Concept-i Vehicle Can Track Your Habits and Improve, Just like Google

Toyota launched Concept-i vehicle at the CES 2017 event. The car is designed by the CALTY research group and uses SF-based innovation hub with the ability to read the driver’s habit to improvise accordingly. The concept is very similar to technology companies like Google and Microsoft. They keep track of user habits and improvise the […]

Chrysler Portal Electric Concept Astonishes CES 2017 Attendees with Selfie Cam and Futuristic Design

Fiat Chrysler Portal electric concept car is already popular at CES 2017 with a selfie cam, semi-autonomous technology and its spacious minivan inspired design. With an apt caption that says, “designed by millenials for millenials”, the Portal concept model which is scheduled to make its debut at the Consumer Electronics Show 2017 is going to […]

Chrysler Got an All-Electric Car to Showcase at CES 2017

Fiat Chrysler is gearing up to launch an all-electric car at the Consumer Electronic Show 2017. The brand is keen on showcasing its capability in making EVs and this will be their big launch during a prominent expo. In the recent past, technology and automobile industries have joined hands in order to offer the best […]

Future EV Car Rinspeed Oasis Concept Features 5K Display and Bonsai Garden

Car manufacturers might bring down the roof when the CES 2017 event takes place next month. The Rinspeed Oasis concept seems like a perfect example of how outrageous the company would love to get to innovate the automobile industry. The Oasis concept might take another five years or so to be actually seen as a […]