Calvin Harris Turns up for Taylor Swift 1989 First Year Anniversary Concert at Miami

Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift seem to continue their love story much to the delight of the ‘Swifties’. This seemed evident from the fact that Calvin Harris turned up for Taylor Swift’s 1989 first year anniversary concert held at Miami. As Swift fans all over the US celebrated the first year anniversary of her hit […]

Taylor Swift Calvin Harris Decide to Cool off from Hot Whirlwind Romance

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris reportedly have decided to cool off from their hot whirlwind romance. Since early August, the two who have been very open till then about showing off affection for each other, have not been seen together and have avoided all public displays of affection. There has been a lot of speculation […]

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris Heading to Splitsville? Rumors of Rift Rule the Roost

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris are rumored to be heading towards an imminent split as the social media grapevine is replete with stories of rift between the two celebrities. Harris and Swift have been dating since May 2015; now sources close to the two are talking of multiple factors that seem to be souring the […]

Calvin Harris Rita Ora Breakup News Resurfaces as She Accuses Him of Sabotaging Her Hit Single

Calvin Harris, the Scottish DJ-singer, and Rita Ora, the British singer-actress’ break-up news resurfaced as she came out in the open accusing him of sabotaging her hit single, ‘I will never let you down’ by not allowing it to be played in the Teen Choice Awards in 2014. She told Mirror that she had got […]

Calvin Harris Stands up for Taylor Swift yet Again in her Twitter Feud with Avril Lavigne

Calvin Harris was seen standing up for Taylor Swift in her Twitter feud with Avril Lavigne on the back of some comparisons made between the ‘meet and greet’ styles of the two women singers. Some fans, however, are claiming that the singer-songwriter-DJ’s tweets were faked. According to the Mirror, The ‘Bad Blood’ singer and the […]