BMW i8 Gets Makeover with Customized Vossen Brand VPS-305 Concave Wheels


The BMW i8, with its futuristic interiors and exteriors and an advanced hybrid drivetrain system, has got another great makeover with customized Vossen brand VPS-205 concave wheels. The VPS-305 wheels feature a multi-spoke arrangement with the front wheels measuring 22×9.5 inches and the rear wheels measuring 22×10.5 inches. The wheels are given a gloss-black finish […]

BMW 7 Series Cars Integrated with Welcome Light Carpet for Easy Identification


Automobiles have advanced throughout the years and feature some of the most powerful engines on the inside. However, they seldom focus on the minor changes like exterior lighting which makes life much easier for its users. The people at BMW have thought about it and have managed to come up with a brand new technology […]

2017 BMW X4 M40i Model to Leverage on the High Performance M2 Engine


BMW is launching its 2017 X4 M40i model with the high performance M2 engine. The M2 engine is expected to deliver enhanced power, torque and a highly improved performance for the new BMW X4 M40i model. The M2-powered 2017 BMW X4 M40i model is estimated to have an output of 370 horsepower driven by the […]

Brand New Spy Photos of BMW 530e, 540e Hybrid Released


Every automobile manufacturer is in a position to release an electric car or at least a hybrid vehicle in order to sustain their position. BMW is now different and the company is gearing up to showcase their 530e and 540e variants real soon. The upcoming 2016 edition of vehicles from the BMW G30 family is […]

Toyota and BMW to Co-Develop a New Sports Car in 2016

Toyota Supercar; BMW Supercar

Toyota and BMW are not strangers to each other. In fact, the two auto manufacturing giants have a long relationship that stretches back to 2013. The two companies are already working together on coming up with hydrogen fuel-cell technologies. However, it seems the two are more than willing to expand their relationship and join the […]

Toyota BMW Collaborative Sports Cars Yet to Fructify: Toyota to Decide on Production by Year End

Toyota Sports Cars

The sports cars that were to be built in a joint collaboration by Toyota and BMW are yet to fructify. The news about the collaborative efforts has been in the offing as the two automotive giants are known to have been working together for the last three years on the joint project to produce a […]

BMW 7 Series Loaded with Advanced Technologies: Experimental Marketing Strategy Adopted


The new BMW 7 series is loaded with so many advanced technologies that gadget freaks are bound to be very thrilled. The all new 7 series is set to make its debut in the automotive market in a grand event to be held in the Dmexco conference. Moreover, BMW adopted a fresh initiative in its […]

2016 BMW X1 Makes a Grand Entry in the Frankfurt Auto Expo 2015


The 2016 BMW X1 which is making heads turn at the Frankfurt auto expo at the moment is easily one of the sleek, stylish and comfortable sport utility vehicles from the brand. Long gone are the days when SUVs used to be large and bulky, intimidating the drivers from going for it. Even someone who […]

BMW Planning to Expand Electric Hybrids with Three New Additions


BMW is planning to expand their range of electric hybrid vehicles so as to take another step into fully electric cars. The technology is already found in their top of the line i8 cars and in the X5 xDrive40e. New update confirmed that the company is going to add the petrol-electric hybrid engine to three […]

Tesla Races Ahead of BMW, Audi and Mercedes in Luxury Electric Car Segment

Electric Car

While big brands like Audi, Mercedes and BMW are busy creating plug-in hybrids, the luxury electric car manufacturer Tesla is way ahead in the race, opined professor Ferdinand Dudenhoeffer.  The director of the Center for Automotive Research, shortly known as CAR which operates from the University of Duisburg-Essen has some pretty strong analytics to support […]

Volvo with its New XC90 SUV Has Finally Impressed Audi and BMW Buyers

New Volvo XC90 SUV

People who buy an Audi or BMW SUV definitely belong to the elite crowd because these vehicles are often priced at $50,000 or much higher. The luxury car manufacturers from Germany and other parts of the world have created brands that ring elitism among buyers around the globe. Competing against those premium brands is not […]

Frankfurt Auto Show 2015 – The Best and the Biggest Car Makers are Ready

3C1_1015 Copyright 2013 by stefan baldauf - sb-medien

The Frankfurt Auto Show 2015 which takes place between September 17th and 27th has already provoked interest among world’s top most car manufacturers. Every company is readying their flagship cars, SUVs, coupes and what not to showcase it on the show floor. The organizers have confirmed that they have over 1,000 stalls setup and at […]

BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Chrysler Gets Hacked by OwnStar Hack Tool

OwnStar Hack

Smart, connected cars are increasing at a rapid pace. Be it BMW or Mercedes, everyone focuses on creating cars that could easily connect with a driver’s smartphone and other devices. When these vehicles stay connected 24/7 and are readily accessible to the owner, it is obvious that it could also be accessed by a hacker […]