2018 BMW 3 Series Spy Shots Emerge Online

2018 BMW 3 Series Spy

The 2018 BMW 3 series is under construction and it is going to feature brand new technology, new design besides amazing powertrain capabilities for best performance. A spy photographer managed to capture shots of the car for the first time ever. The German automobile manufacturer has a long history of keeping their cars camouflaged for […]

Rumors: 2019 BMW M2 Gran Coupe Coming to Compete with CLA 45 AMG

BMW M2 Gran Coupe

BMW is reportedly working on a new version of the 2-series so as to enter into the market by 2019., British Autocar magazine reports that the German company is planning to come out with a Gran Coupe version of the BMW M2. The entire 2-series lineup of vehicles from BMW may have not received a […]

BMW750d Is Powered By Quad Turbo Diesel Engine

BMW 750d Quad Turbo front

The diesel emission scandal has slowed down production of cars powered by diesel engines in Volkswagen. However, other companies including BMW are setting new benchmarks in the industry before VW is back in action. The newly launched BMW750d is powered by a quad turbo diesel engine capable of delivering 560 lb feet of torque, a […]

The Exhaustive List of Cars Set for 2015 Los Angeles Auto Show Reveal

2015 Los Angeles Auto Show

The list of cars scheduled for 2015 Los Angeles auto show reveal is definitely a huge one. No one would have expected the automobile industry to come up with so many launches and concept cars in a show that takes place at the end of the year. The event is set to take place next […]

BMW May Showcase Four New Cars at 2015 Los Angeles Auto Show


BMW is definitely not going to confirm their plans of launching a brand new flagship, because it is something the company may prefer to reserve for a special occasion. The team at BMW has been working day and night or that’s what we assume, based on some of the impressive designs they have come up […]