2016 BMW X1 Test Drive Proves it’s the Best Small SUV Out There


When you are looking for a mid-sized or small SUV, BMW is one brand that you can’t bypass easily. The new 2016 BMW X1 opened to criticism because it featured an all-wheel drive for the first time. For buyers looking forward to the 2016 BMW X1, the manufacturer offers four different engines. All of them […]

BMW X3 SUV Diesel Variant Fails Emission Test, ICCT Submits a Detailed Report


The International Council on Clean Transportation known as the ICCT was the group that alerted the U.S. regulators and auto news watchers about a possible emission test failure in Volkswagen vehicles. The issue was identified in the diesel variant which created a huge uproar throughout the globe. Volkswagen stocks immediately plummeted to unprecedented levels and […]

2016 BMW X1 is a Perfect Blend of SUV and Sedan in a Mini Chassis

BMW 2016 X1

When people feel like buying an SUV, it is the size and fuel efficiency that deters them from going for it. However, a sedan may hardly accommodate an entire family with ease, which is what the new BMW 2016 X1 SUV aims to deliver. The new X1 is powered by a front wheel drive which […]

BMW SUV Will Compete with the Tesla Model X Electric Vehicle

BMW electric SUV car

The market for electric only cars is getting stiffer and stiffer. As we approach the release date of the Tesla X model, German carmaker BMW is reportedly making an electronic SUV. The speculations about an electronic powered car by BMW have been spreading for quite some time, but the latest report from the newspaper Wirtschaftswoche […]