Spectacular Drag Racing Event Pits BMW M4, BMW i8, Lexus RC F and Porsche GT4


The most intense drag racing amongst top sports cars in the world, takes place not just in the Fast and Furious movies, but can be organized in real life as well. Autocar has proved that they can get the job done by bringing the best vehicles together and pitting them against each other in a […]

2016 BMW M2 Integrates Features from M235i, M3 and M4 in its Small Frame


The all-new 2016 BMW M2 combines features and goodies from three of the inspiring models from the BMW paddock including the M235i, M3 and M4. However, the extra features have resulted in almost near negligible weight savings from the previous M2 model. The new M2 seems to be like a beefed-up M235i featuring lightened suspension […]

Comparing the BMW M4 2015 and 2006 Ferrari 612 Scaglietti: Old vs. New


Wondering if a 2006 Ferrari model can be can be compared with the latest BMW M4 released in 2015? Autocar recently took on an initiative to compare the brand new BMW M4 with the decade-old 2006 Ferrari 612 Scaglietti. While the reason for doing the activity was quoted as ‘for fun only’, the fact that […]

Most Wanted BMW M4 Sports Coupe to be Released Soon in the U.S.  

BMW M4 Sports Coupe

The best cars in the world are often constrained within the European market because majority of the manufacturers are based out of Europe. They do have a strong global presence and companies like BMW are supposed to launch their newest vehicles worldwide. But, sadly they don’t, which is why the most wanted sports coupe of all […]