Fully-Electric 2017 BMW i8 Ready to Shock the World Alongside Other I-brand Vehicles

2017 BMW i8

The 2017 BMW i8 immediately made waves when it first hit the scene, but newer editions of the highly-coveted luxury auto will most likely sport all electric propulsion systems. While the current i8 model is partially electric, the newer edition of the vehicle is expected to be fully electric. And that’s not the only new […]

BMW i8 Gets Makeover with Customized Vossen Brand VPS-305 Concave Wheels


The BMW i8, with its futuristic interiors and exteriors and an advanced hybrid drivetrain system, has got another great makeover with customized Vossen brand VPS-205 concave wheels. The VPS-305 wheels feature a multi-spoke arrangement with the front wheels measuring 22×9.5 inches and the rear wheels measuring 22×10.5 inches. The wheels are given a gloss-black finish […]

Spectacular Drag Racing Event Pits BMW M4, BMW i8, Lexus RC F and Porsche GT4


The most intense drag racing amongst top sports cars in the world, takes place not just in the Fast and Furious movies, but can be organized in real life as well. Autocar has proved that they can get the job done by bringing the best vehicles together and pitting them against each other in a […]

BMW Planning to Expand Electric Hybrids with Three New Additions


BMW is planning to expand their range of electric hybrid vehicles so as to take another step into fully electric cars. The technology is already found in their top of the line i8 cars and in the X5 xDrive40e. New update confirmed that the company is going to add the petrol-electric hybrid engine to three […]

BMW 225xe and 330e Plug-in Hybrids are Powered by i8’s eDrive Tech

BMW-i8-eDrive Hybrid

BMW is strongly focused on going green and reducing emission. The upcoming BMW 225xe and 330e plug-in hybrids are great examples that demonstrate the company’s interest in creating cars that don’t harm the environment. Besides, these vehicles will be powered by the amazing eDrive technology that was previously found only in the high end i3 […]