Apple Sabotaged Tesla’s Model X to build its EV Car – Project Titan

Apple Project Titan

Apple is working on its own electric car project named the Titan and in order to make it a possibility, they have acquired hundreds of employees and key persons from Tesla which is said to be the reason for Model X being delayed. Tesla is an electric car manufacturer and has set an insanely high […]

Chinese Manufacturer Who Sold Fake iPhones in U.S. Shut Down by Beijing Police

fake iphones

China is the place to go for manufacturing the best electronic goods at cheap prices, especially Apple iPhones, but on the other side, the manufacturers in the country excel at producing counterfeit versions of popular products. Recently, a Chinese manufacturer’s warehouse was shut down by the Beijing police. The company has been shipping fake iPhones […]

Apple is Taking a Page Out of BMW i3 for its Secret Car

Apple electric car BMW i8

It is no secret that Apple is working on a project for a dream car. The project, codenamed “Project Titan” has been in the rumors for the past few years. Now, a visit to the BMW factory only puts more steam to the rumors that the German car manufacturer and the Cupertino based company are […]

Apple Music Isn’t Apple’s First Mistake, There are Plenty More

Apple music

Apple Music is strongly criticized by the general public, music composers and tech analysts. If you delve deeper into the world of Apple, this is not the first ever mistake committed by the company. They have made a lot of decisions that are extremely annoying to users. The pre-loaded apps in their devices were the […]

Apple’s New iPod Touch, New Product or Income Stream?


While many an Apple evangelist may have thought that the iPod touch was on its way out,  Apple introduced the sixth generation iPod complete with new colors, new features  and perhaps most important and new IOS 8.4 as the standard operating system. This version of the operating system is required for Apple Music, the new streaming […]