Mercedes Benz E63 AMG Arrives to Take on 2017 BMW M5

2017 BMW M5

The latest generation Mercedes Benz E-class has been a huge hit amongst buyers and critics, as the way the vehicle manages to provide comfort and luxury has elevated it above its rivals like the BMW 5-series and the Audi A6. The Mercedes Benz E-class may stand for refinement and comfort, but it does not stop […]

BMW Unveils the Shorter and Muscular Version of Its Seventh-Generation 5-Series Cars

BMW Seventh Generation 5 Series Car

BMW has announced and unveiled its 7th Generation 5-Series car for 2017 year, which will be replacing its current model. The new business sedan with an athletic look will be released in the global market by February 2017. The customers might look forward to the new 5-Series since it is a shorter and muscular version […]

Fully-Electric 2017 BMW i8 Ready to Shock the World Alongside Other I-brand Vehicles

2017 BMW i8

The 2017 BMW i8 immediately made waves when it first hit the scene, but newer editions of the highly-coveted luxury auto will most likely sport all electric propulsion systems. While the current i8 model is partially electric, the newer edition of the vehicle is expected to be fully electric. And that’s not the only new […]

2017 BMW X4 M40i Model to Leverage on the High Performance M2 Engine


BMW is launching its 2017 X4 M40i model with the high performance M2 engine. The M2 engine is expected to deliver enhanced power, torque and a highly improved performance for the new BMW X4 M40i model. The M2-powered 2017 BMW X4 M40i model is estimated to have an output of 370 horsepower driven by the […]

2017 BMW X4 M40i – Leaked Images Show First Glimpse at Interior


BMW will take the performance crossover section a step further with the planned 2017 BMW X4 M40i. Courtesy of some leaked images, we now finally have a glimpse at the car, showing some impressive work done by BMW, not only inside the car, but on the exterior as well. We also know some of the […]

2017 BMW G30 5 Series Breaks 7 Year Cycle, New Tech Lands Much Earlier

2017 BMW G30 5 Series

The long running tradition will probably come to an end when the 2017 BMW G30 5 series car and other vehicles in the class get launched. The world used to be different in the past which allowed the car manufacturer to follow a 7 year cycle to introduce new generations. New technology, features and series […]