Tesla Model X Off to a Slow Start: Production Process to Steady Only in 2016

Tesla Motors’ most recent offering, the all-electric crossover Model X, has got off to a slow start in production. The manufacturing process is expected to reach a steady state only in the first quarter of 2016, reported the company. Tesla also did not confirm the number of vehicles already built and dispatched to owners till […]

2016 Tesla Model X Sleek Profile Makes for a Status Symbol: Future of EV Market in Cheaper Mass Market Cars

Tesla Model X Sleek Profile

The sleek design and great profile of the long-awaited 2016 Tesla Model X definitely makes for a status symbol. The sleekness and sexiness of the new all-electric SUV, however, does not come very cheap. The most basic model (stripped of all excesses) starts at $80,000 whereas the experts in the Electric Vehicle market opine that […]

Every Interesting Factor about 2016 Tesla Model X SUV, the First EV Model


The entire world has gone gaga when the 2016 Tesla Model X SUV was launched by the company. After several delays, the vehicle has finally found its way to the general audience and has met with tremendous support at every corner. There are a lot of innovative features that have been integrated into the Model […]