Honda Gearing Up to Show 2016 Civic Coupe at LA Auto Show


If there is an award for the most number of variants in a series, Honda will easily win it for their Civic series. The auto manufacturer is going to unveil a brand new 2016 Civic Coupe at the upcoming Los Angeles Auto Show. The show has been gaining traction with multiple vendors gearing up to […]

2016 Honda Civic Designed with More Class and Improved Performance: Errors of the Predecessor Corrected  


The new 2016 Honda Civic has been redesigned with added class and enhanced performance features. The company openly admitted to the fact that the previous 9th generation model failed to live up to customer expectations. Now, Honda has taken pains to ensure all errors and goof-ups stand corrected in the 10th generation Civic. The predecessor […]

2016 Honda Civic is Going to Revoke Design Factors from Si  


Creating the next gen car is a difficult task for the designers because they have the crucial task to satisfy their audience. In order to make the 2016 Honda Civic stand out from the rest, they are going to borrow some design factors from the previously launched Si Civic variant. Buyers who have had the […]

Acura ILX Sales Expected to Remain Undeterred Despite 2016 Honda Civic Revamp


Earlier, it was claimed that the 2016 Honda Civic has all the possible features to beat and affect the sales of 2016 Acura ILX sales. A similar claim has been made randomly by industry watchers who opined the Accord Touring may beat the Acura TLX.   While it may sound credible at one point, in […]

Honda Civic 2016 Model Creating Huge Flutter in the Global Compact Car Segment


The Honda Civic 2016 model, set to take on BMW and Audi compact sedans, is creating a huge flutter in the global compact car segment as it is estimated to be the most exciting entry from the Honda Civic stables. Honda, through the launch of the all-new Honda Civic 2016 (the 10th generation), is intending […]

2016 Toyota Prius vs. 2016 Honda Civic – New Cars Ready to Hit the Road, Which One is Best for You?


With 2016 just around the corner, fans across the world are looking forward to the release of new vehicles in the C-segment. Known as the middle class family segment, the C-segment is the one that produces the most mass market vehicles. Two of those include the newly announced 2016 Honda Civic and the 2016 Toyota […]

2016 Honda Civic – Five New Colors Available for the Exterior


After four years, the Japanese car maker Honda has finally revealed the 10th generation of its C-segment popular vehicle. The 2016 Honda Civic was announced just weeks ago and we are not getting some of the details about the popular hatchback. For starters, we now finally have the full palette of colors for the exterior […]

Honda Civic in its New Avatar to be Unleashed across Europe in Early 2017: Acura NSX in 2016


The new Honda Civic in its new avatar will be unleashed across Europe in early 2017. The Japanese automotive giant aims to leverage on its new Civic hatchback version to raise its annual sales in Europe to 200, 000 units. Additionally, Honda confirmed that it will launch the Acura NSX hybrid supercar in 2016. The […]

2016 Honda Civic is coming to Retail, Competes against Audi A3 and VW Golf


Honda has confirmed that the company will be rolling out their redesigned 2016 Civic to the dealers before the end of this year. The sedan has been designed to give a tough competition to the likes of the Volkswagen Golf and the Audi A3. The manufacturer did confirm that they are bringing the car to […]

2016 Honda Civic – New Design, New Engine and Completely New Car


After a disappointing period from 2012 to 2016, Honda went back to the drawing board for the all new, 2016 Honda Civic. The previous version of the vehicle was criticized for lacking the “sizzle” that Honda has built a reputation on. With that in mind, the company decided to completely redesign the Honda Civic and […]

2016 Honda Civic is Ready for US Launch on September 16

2016 Honda Civic

Since the introduction of the Civic in 1972 for the US market, the small car has been one of the top selling cars on the market. Now, in its tenth generation, the 2016 Honda Civic looks to take over the market once again. The new Civic will be introduced on September 16 during a special […]