Legionnaires Disease Spreads in NYC through Cooling Towers, Over 80 Affected

Legionnaires Disease

The citizens of New York City are perplexed at the moment because the area is facing one of the largest disease outbreaks in the recent history, which is the Legionnaires Disease. The mayor of NYC held a press conference recently to assure people that things are under control and necessary steps are being taken to […]

Ebola Vaccine Test Successful on Over 7,600 People in Guinea

eBola vaccine

An epidemic situation is tough to control and when it spread in three under privileged countries in the world, the issue became far worse than imagined. There has never been such a chaotic situation in human history because despite the sincere attempts from the World Health Organization, among other communities, it was impossible to contain […]

Doctors Sign Petition to Control Increasing Cost of Cancer Drugs

cancer drug costs

The annual expenditure made to purchase cancer drugs has been increasing regularly and has been estimated at a colossal $100 billion in 2014. Both medical experts and doctors are working together to find a solution to this ever growing treatment costs. Because of the expensive cancer drugs, a lot of insurance companies refuse to support […]

More Young Women Opting for “Light Smoking”


A new study  concluded fewer Americans are smoking. In fact, teens smoking hit a new low last year, in part due to the popularity of electronic cigarettes. The decline in cigarette smoking “is very dramatic and very encouraging,” said Robin Koval, president of Legacy, an anti-smoking organization. Besides cigarettes, the report found continuing declines in the use of […]

Food Study: Home Cooking Healthier than Restaurant Food, Fast Food


The new study  revealed that home cooking is still the best way to control nutrition, calories, fat, sugar and other nutrients that Americans consume.  Researchers found that eating food from restaurants whether those be fast food restaurants or “better  restaurants led to an increase in caloric intake, fat and sodium compared to those meals that […]

FDA Delays Calorie Count Rule For Chain Restaurants

The Food and Drug Administration has announced that it will be delaying the implementation of a rule that would have chain restaurants displaying the calorie counts of their foods on their menus. The rule was created as part of the Affordable Care Act to help consumers get difficult to find nutritional information about the foods […]

Scientists Studying Link Between Smoking, Schizophrenia

Scientists have discovered that there may be a link between smoking and the development of psychological conditions such as schizophrenia. A new study recently published in The Lancet Psychiatry showed that there appeared to be an association between smoking and the development of schizophrenia. It remains to be seen whether the link is casual or […]

Legionnaires Disease: Officials Investigating Cause in Florida Hotel


An investigation continues after three confirmed cases of Legionnaires disease was documented at in Altamonte Springs, Florida hotel. Health officials began investigating the SpringHill Suites Hotel Altamonte Springs after being notified by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. “During early May, two cases of Legionnaires’ were reported to us from the CDC,” Florida […]

Fish Oil Benefits Brought into Question

fish oil

Americans spend about $1.2 billion annually for fish oil pills and related supplements, even though research indicates that it provides no evidence of a health benefit. The benefits of using fish oil supplements is widely discussed in the health industry. The National Institutes of Health seems to be conflicted on its own website. One article […]