Apple Car May Soon be on the Cards, Sources Reveal

Apple electric car

Apple is with no doubt a huge name in the technology world. However, most of Cupertino’s heroics are evident in the computing world. Millions of American citizens use iPhones, iPads, iPods, MacBooks and a series of other products from Apple; however, it seems the company is working on something new for its enthusiasts. Even though […]

Tesla Model X Available for Order in Australia, the Company Expects More Female Buyers

Tesla Model X Australia

The Model X, the first SUV that Tesla is producing, is now available for order in Australia. The car should be launched in the United States in the next few weeks, and it seems like Australian buyers will get a first crack at the vehicle. Potential local buyers can make an order placing a $6,000 […]

Limited Audi A8 Edition 21 Available for Order in the UK

Audi A8 Limited Edition

It has been 21 years since Audi introduced the Audi A8. To celebrate the anniversary, Audi will offer a special, limited Audi A8 Edition 21 to its customers. The model is already available in the UK for order. There will be only 121 cars produced for the limited edition. The price for the Audi A8 Edition […]

Apple is Taking a Page Out of BMW i3 for its Secret Car

Apple electric car BMW i8

It is no secret that Apple is working on a project for a dream car. The project, codenamed “Project Titan” has been in the rumors for the past few years. Now, a visit to the BMW factory only puts more steam to the rumors that the German car manufacturer and the Cupertino based company are […]

BMW SUV Will Compete with the Tesla Model X Electric Vehicle

BMW electric SUV car

The market for electric only cars is getting stiffer and stiffer. As we approach the release date of the Tesla X model, German carmaker BMW is reportedly making an electronic SUV. The speculations about an electronic powered car by BMW have been spreading for quite some time, but the latest report from the newspaper Wirtschaftswoche […]

Google’s Self Driving Cars are Safe, Says Chief Chris Urmson

Google self driving driverless cars

Google has been testing self driving cars for quite some time, and the company’s cars have been part of several accidents during that time. However, despite all, Chief Director Chris Urmson says that Google’s self-driving vehicles are safer than normal vehicles. Speaking at an event in Michigan, Urmson said that accidents involving Google’s self driving cars are […]

Second Generation Toyota Fortuner Delivers Coupe SUV Experience

Toyota Fortuner SUV Coupe

If the next generation of the Toyota Fortuner looks familiar to you, that is because you can bet you’ve seen something like that before. Some will say that the Fortuner still has some of the main styling elements of Toyota, but also incorporates some of the styling elements of Lexus, and most notably, the BMW […]

BMW Ready to Unveil a Sports Concept Car at Pebble Beach

BMW Concept Car Pebble Beach 2015

The upcoming Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance meet has already stirred enough interest because BMW has promised to reveal two new concept cars, one of them definitely a sporty high performance model. While the company has been focusing on family friendly models and SUVs, it’s a rarity to see a car focused purely for sports lovers. […]