David Beckham Shifts Gears from Soccer to Cinema: Fans Pitch Him for the Next 007

David Beckham, the football hero, seems quite excited to shift career gears from soccer to cinema as his news of his next movie venture goes public. His fans took to social media exhorting him to try his hand at playing the next James Bond. His earlier cinematic attempts included a cameo role in the short […]

Wendy Williams Gets Explicit on Nicki Minaj and Miley Cyrus Tussle

Wendy Williams is known for her matured approach towards celebrity tussles and even though she admitted that she didn’t watch the MTV Video Music Awards 2015 live, the daytime television host shared her opinion on the issue. Everything began when Nicki Minaj, the 32-year-old rapper went on stage to collect her trophy. She was supposed […]

Justin Bieber Reveals Reasons for his Breakdown Act at his Revival VMA 2015 Concert

Justin Bieber revealed his reasons for breaking down at his revival concert at the MTV Video Music Awards 2015 during his interview on NBC’s ‘The Tonight Show’ hosted by Jimmy Fallon. The concert was a comeback for the ‘Baby’ singer who had been in the news for a lot of wrong reasons including his brush […]

Rihanna to Reveal Celebratory Plans on Completing a Decade in the Music Industry

Rihanna reported to the Associated Press that she will shortly reveal her celebratory plans on completing a decade in the music industry. She commented at a recent interview, ‘Definitely a very big deal for me. You know, I can’t believe its 10 years already, but we definitely have to celebrate this year. There are a […]

Thousands of Pages of Hillary Clinton’s Heavily Redacted E-mails Released to the Public Domain

The State Department released thousands of pages of Hillary Clinton’s heavily redacted emails to the public domain. These emails pertain to the time when Clinton served as Secretary of State during 2009-13. Out of the nearly 7000 emails that have been released, 150 have been censored as the contents are now considered classified. Officials from […]

David Beckham and Family Back Home in the UK after Their Summer Sojourn in LA

David Beckham, the soccer legend, with his family in tow headed back home to the UK after their summer sojourn in Los Angeles ended. The Beckhams’ summer holiday at LA included a Disneyland trip, a family celebratory meal at the high-end Nobu restaurant, gorging on frozen yoghurt and lots of SoulCycle classes. The close-knit celebrity […]

Justin Bieber Sheds Tears Unabashedly After his Spectacular VMA 2015 Performance

Justin Bieber, the Canadian teenage sensation singer, was seen shedding tears unabashedly after his spectacular performance at the MTV Video Music Awards 2015. The ‘Where are you now’ singer was last seen performing in any awards function way back in May 2013 at the Billboards Music Awards. This public performance came after last weekend’s Billboard […]

Apple Music’s US$20 Million Lawsuit Threat Forces Tidal to Cut Out Drake’s Charity Concert

Apple Music threatened to sue Tidal for US$20 million if it went ahead with its exclusive streaming of Drake’s charity concert. Retaliating to this, Tidal stopped the streaming of the Drake performance with the scathing message, ‘Apple is interfering with artistry and will not allow this artist to stream. Sorry for Big Brother’s inconvenience’. Drake […]

Miley Cyrus-Hosted MTV VMA 2015 Marked by Justin Bieber Revival and Taylor Swift-Nicki Minaj Joint Gig

The MTV Video Music Awards 2015 was marked by many memorable events including the bizarre hosting by Miley Cyrus, revival concert by Justin Bieber and the caught-everyone-by-surprise joint musical gig by Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj. In probably one of the most shocking incidents for VMA audience, Taylor Swift barged onto Nicki Minaj’s performance and […]

Justin Bieber Double Tobias Strebel Discovered Dead in a Motel Room in Los Angeles

Justin Bieber’s double or lookalike, Tobias Strebel, the 35-year-old reality star was discovered dead in a motel room in Los Angeles. While the cause of death is not yet determined, drugs and other medications were also found in the room in Motel 6 in North Hills in the San Fernando Valley Area in Los Angeles, […]

Low Doses of Aspirin Taken Daily for 5 Years Potentially Lowers the Risk of Colorectal Cancer

A new Danish research study which was published in the latest edition of the Annals of Internal Medicine revealed that daily intake of low doses of aspirin for five years potentially lowers the risk of colorectal cancer. According to the National Cancer Institute, colorectal cancer is the fourth most commonly occurring non-skin cancer in the […]

Omega-3 Supplements Do Not Prevent Cognitive Deterioration: Claims US Study

A recent large clinical trial conducted by the US National Institute of Health revealed that omega-3 supplements do not prevent cognitive deterioration. The report was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. Dr Emily Chew, the deputy director of the Division of Epidemiology and Clinical Applications and a deputy director at the National […]

Autism Linked to Enhanced Creativity and Divergent Thinking Capabilities: British Study

A recent research carried out by the scientists in the University of Stirling and the University of East Anglia in Scotland reported that autism is linked to enhanced creativity and divergent thinking capabilities. Although autistic children are perceived to face increased challenges in the social and empathetic realms, the recent report reveals that they have […]

Calvin Harris Stands up for Taylor Swift yet Again in her Twitter Feud with Avril Lavigne

Calvin Harris was seen standing up for Taylor Swift in her Twitter feud with Avril Lavigne on the back of some comparisons made between the ‘meet and greet’ styles of the two women singers. Some fans, however, are claiming that the singer-songwriter-DJ’s tweets were faked. According to the Mirror, The ‘Bad Blood’ singer and the […]

David Beckham’s Fan Following Starts at Home with his Son Romeo Beckham Trying to Ape Daddy’s Style

David Beckham’s fan following seems to be starting at home with his son Romeo Beckham trying to ape his daddy’s style. Romeo was seen astride on one of David Beckham’s favorite motorbike complete with a blue denim shirt, trainers, black jean trousers and his hair tied into a tiny ponytail. The former Galaxy LA star […]

Selena Gomez’s Birthday Wishes for Ex-Bff Demi Lovato Wins Fans’ Hearts

Selena Gomez, the ‘Kiss and Tell’ singer, wished her ex-best friend, Demi Lovato, on her 23rd birthday on August 20, and the sweet Instagram message seems to have won their fans’ hearts who are hoping the two singers will put their enmity behind and become friends again. The Instagram message from Selena Gomez read, ‘IM […]