Indian PM Narendra Modi Invited to Facebook Headquarters: Set to Field Questions in Townhall


Narendra Modi, the Indian Prime Minister, has been invited to attend Facebook’s Townhall to be held on September 27 at its Silicon Valley headquarters. Prime Minister Modi will field questions from the public during the townhall proceedings, announced the social media giant. ‘Prime Minister Modi and I will discuss how communities can work together to […]

Apple Sends Invites for Media Event: New and Upgraded Devices Expected to be Launched

Media Event

Apple sent out invites for a media event scheduled for September 9, wherein the new and upgraded devices are expected to be launched. Although no official announcements are available with regard to the actual details of the media event, by putting together a few rumors, a few leaks and the history of such events, it […]

Apple iCar Rumors Fuel after Company Recruits Ex Chrysler Executive

Apple iCar

Apple seems to be cooking something really nice for its enthusiasts. This Cupertino tech giant might just be the latest entrant into the world of electric cars thanks to the recent recruitment of a vastly experienced official, by the name, Doug Betts. The Wall Street Journal revealed that Betts, the former head of global quality […]

You Can Know the Busiest Local Businesses Now with Google Search

Google Search

There was a small yet important update made recently, with regards to Google Search, that it was focused on helping the users to determine the best time to pay a visit to businesses that are nearby. After a search is performed for a business on Google, clicking the title makes you view information such as its address, […]

Universal Twitter App Lands on Microsoft’s Windows 10 Operating System

Twitter Windows 10 OS

Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system has received amazing patronage from one of the world’s biggest social networking sites, Twitter. If Facebook is about news feed and videos, Twitter is all about short tweets that bring the most happening events to the attention of its users. Most people tend to use the app to deliver an […]

Facebook – Bringing Internet to the Developing World Will Yield More Money


Clearly, the internet has benefited different people around the world in different ways. This is why there are new ways that are being generated to make it easier for all individuals to benefit equally. With the famous turning one this week, the project of Facebook to stretch internet access worldwide, is not getting older. […]

Over 10 Million Wii U Units Sold, Nintendo Didn’t Lose the Console War

Nintendo Wii

Nintendo in their earnings call had some good news to share. The company confirmed that over 10 million Wii U units have been sold so far, which has helped them earn over $9 million in profit. With this announcement, Nintendo has indirectly confirmed that the company has not lost the console war to Microsoft’s Xbox […]

Avoid Long Queues with Google’s ‘Popular Times’ Feature

google popular times

Google loves innovation! The developers at the company often come up with features that are helpful to make life easier. The newly launched ‘Popular Times’ is one such feature using which you can know if a particular place is crowded at a specific time. Users can now access this feature by using the Google apps […]

LinkedIn Contact Download Feature is Back, Company Apologizes for Inconvenience

LinkedIn contact

In their blog post, LinkedIn apologized to the users for removing the feature that allowed them to download contacts when required. They added that their original intention was to prevent third party companies from accessing contact lists and it was never removed to cause inconvenience to the existing user base. While it might sound like […]

Microsoft Windows 10 OS Release a Grand Success –  Here are the Top Features

Microsoft Windows 10 Features

A few years ago, Windows 7 came as a savior for Windows Vista, and Microsoft is taking the same approach with Windows 10. Acknowledging and admitting mistakes is one of the hardest things to do in the tech industry, but Microsoft is good at both. Truth be told, Microsoft caused enormous pain with the Windows […]

Google+ Lost to Facebook, Google Admits Defeat and Accepts User Requests


The Google+ social networking service was launched four years ago when it was touted to be the rival to take on Facebook. Critics and users opined that it is not easy to beat the social networking website because Facebook has already crossed 1 billion subscribers by then. However, Google didn’t want to give up and […]

Facebook Follows Google’s Path, Offers Free Internet to Mobile Operators

Facebook Free Internet

Companies like Google and Facebook are extremely dependent on the internet. If people don’t have access to the internet, these companies just can’t exist. After being in the global market for decades, the tech firms realized that they have acquired one hundred percent share in the developed countries. Almost everyone owns a computer or a […]

Google’s Android Vulnerability Identified by a Security Firm, No Patch Released Yet

Android Vulnerability

In modern times, third party security firms are often more active than the actual tech companies that create the hardware and the software. Recently, a firm that was supposed to protect companies was hacked and a lot of passwords got leaked. However, the company later confirmed that everything is under control and that they have […]

Apple Watch Exclusivity Ends, Sales in Best Buy Begins this August

Apple Watch Sales Best Buy August 7

Apple has decided to step out of its comfort zone and launch the Apple Watch in other stores as well. In the past, customers could have a look at it only at their designated stores and then place an order online. Apple has always wanted to keep stocks at a minimum and refrained from selling […]