Volkswagen Says New Infrastructure is Mandatory to Roll Out EVs


Volkswagen is keen on expanding the electric vehicle line up and the company is also focusing on building new infrastructure that would allow them to create more EVs. Discussing about the possibility of making electric cars into mainstream vehicles, Volkswagen commented that new manufacturing plants capable of creating EVs will be pioneered by the demand […]

GLM G4 Electric Supercar is a Surprise Launch at Paris Expo

GLM G4 at Paris Expo

The 2016 Paris auto expo is easily one of the best automobile events this year as a lot of manufacturers and some surprise entrants were spotted. The GLM G4 electric supercar is among the great launches witnessed during the show. The design of the model is a unique standout with gull wing doors, four seat […]

LaFerrari Aperta Limited Edition Model from Ferrari Delivers 950 horsepower

LaFerrari Aperta

The special edition LaFerrari Aperta from the house of Ferrari was spotted at the Paris auto expo. The limited edition model will be commemorating the 70th anniversary of the brand and will deliver an impressive performance on the road. LaFerrari Aperta happens to be a convertible and obviously the brand is keen to make it […]

Mercedes Benz Launches Dedicated Brand to Manufacture Electric Cars

Mercedes Benz Generation EQ

Mercedes Benz officially launched the Generation EQ brand at the Paris motor show. The company’s new wing will be dedicated to building electric cars and research in making better EVs. The 2016 Paris motor show is underway at the moment where all top brands have unveiled their own cars and new technologies. The expo, obviously […]

Next Gen Jeep Compass with All-New Look Launched in Brazil

2017 Jeep Compass Launched in Brazil

FCA has launched the new 2017 Jeep Compass Launched in Brazil for buyers in Brazil and it comes with stylish looks designed to keep long running customers happy. The brand confirmed that the next generation Jeep Compass will be available with 17 different powertrains around the globe. It is designed from the ground up to […]

There is Nothing New about the 2017 Toyota Mirai Halo Car Other Than its New Color

2017 Toyota Mirai

The Hydrogen fuelled car from Toyota, the Mirai, will now have its second model out in the United States. The new model is virtually the same and nothing has changed including the prices. The 2017 model of Mirai persists on being Toyota’s technology-based halo car. Though it has been limited to certain regional markets of […]

Lamborghini is Working on its Own Electric Hypercar

Lamborghini Working on its Own Hypercar

Big brands shied away from going electric because they strongly opined that EVs may not be as powerful as their petrol counterparts. But, now Lamborghini is going to take the plunge into the world of electric hypercars. The video comes from a German automobile magazine that revealed that Lamborghini is keen on building its own […]

Next Gen Ferrari F12 will not Sport Hybrid or Turbo Engines, Goes with V12

ferrari f12tdf front

The flagship coupe about to replace the existing Ferrari F12 is not going to make any drastic changes. The car will retain the naturally aspirated version of the V12 engine instead of experimenting with hybrid or turbo powertrains. The F12 Berlinetta is to be replaced in the near future and when it does, the 6.3-liter […]